Pulga Rodríguez’s accident: the day he had to be a hero and saved a woman who overturned in the street

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At 38, Luis Miguel “Pulce” Rodriguez He is one of those footballers who transcends a club jersey and seems to wear the jersey of all of Argentine football. Hence the hustle and bustle that arose on Sunday the 30th when the news of today’s player arrived Central Cordoba of Santiago del Estero had suffered a very serious accident on a road on the way to Tucuman.

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The accident and the overturning of the vehicle in which El Pulga was traveling occurred exactly at the intersection of roads 157 and 308, 1.8 kilometers from the Tucuman city of Lamadrid and 45 kilometers from Simoca, the land where the scorer was born de Colón, Atlético Tucumán and Gimnasia, among other teams.

“El Pulga is out of danger, but we have to be vigilant; we have to control him minute by minute,” said the director of the Padilla hospital, Jorge Valdecantos, 48 ​​hours after the incident, with the footballer hospitalized in intensive care at that time. ‘hospital.

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“He had a great night. Luckily the risks were lowering because she had an impressive accident. Thank God we can know that he is well,” said Roberto San Juan, the player’s representative, who is recovering from trauma to his skull, face and chest.

The flea incident occurred just hours after Central Córdoba’s victory over Instituto, in Córdoba. When the Ferroviario team arrived in Santiago del Estero, the footballer got on his truck to go to Simoca, his village, to find his family.

The other flea incident

With the serenity of seeing that the footballer is gradually starting to get better, the worrying episode brought to mind the memory of another road accident in which he was the protagonist but on that occasion to assist a person who had overturned with his his car.

It was January 2022, with La Pulce having recently arrived at Colón de Santa Fe, on his return to the club with which he won the League Cup in 2021. His first “goal” was to be the hero of what would it could have been a misfortune. The soccer player saw an overturned car on the side of a Santa Fe highway, stopped his vehicle and got out to rescue a woman who was trapped inside the car.

That summer, the image of the Flea getting out of the overturned car as if he were Superman went viral and became a trend in the networks, making his idol figure, that is, a beloved boy in the football environment, even more gigantic.

With his humility behind him, the Pulce minimized the episode and minimized his gesture of solidarity. “It’s something anyone would do, see someone in an accident, stop and help them,” she explained succinctly when asked about it.

“I think she didn’t even realize who I was. I helped her out of the car, asked for her mobile number and went to train,” concluded Rodríguez.

“It’s a lady who turned around and I was just coming here to practice and I stopped to help her, to get her out of the car and stuff like that. I just came with two friends…” El Pulga said in a WhatsApp audio immediately after the crash.

Source: Clarin

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