Jazmín Beccar Varela, former ‘Rebelde Way’, was a mother with her girlfriend and shared pictures of giving birth

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With an exciting post, Jasmine Beccar Varela, ex Rebellious way, announced the arrival of Simonathe daughter of his girlfriend Sofía Accattoli, with whom he has been together for three years.

As she told herself on her Instagram account, On April 30, the baby was born as a result of his relationship with Sofía. “Two weeks ahead of schedule and in the most bullish way that you could do it, you came into the world: stubborn, self-confident and hungry,” wrote the actress on the aforementioned social network.

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The young woman, who became known in the popular Cris Morena cycle He already has a son, Tito, aged 4, of her marriage to Franco Stivala, from whom she separated in 2019.

Beccar Varela, with little Simona in her arms Photo: Instagram

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Beccar Varela, with little Simona in her arms Photo: Instagram

On this occasion, to welcome Simona to the world, Jasmine uploaded a photo of her girlfriend with the baby in her arms and wrote to her: “Our darling Polish girl, we can’t believe that you are already with us. With your mum we look at each other and we can’t believe it: ‘Do you understand that she is already here? Do you understand that we have a Daughter?'”

Jazmín Beccar Varela with his son Tito, fruit of a previous marriage.  Photo: Instagram

Jazmín Beccar Varela with his son Tito, fruit of a previous marriage. Photo: Instagram

“Yes, of course we understand and we can’t be happier. You have arrived at a very beautiful moment in our lives, where we have decided to enjoy everything, choose everything and live everything we choose to the fullest,” she continued.

Sofía, Jazmín Beccar Varela's girlfriend, breastfeeds her baby.  Photo: Instagram

Sofía, Jazmín Beccar Varela’s girlfriend, breastfeeds her baby. Photo: Instagram

In this sense, the singer expressed to her newborn daughter: “You have come to expand this family in a spectacular way and We can’t wait to see how we all build this dynamic together.”. “Welcome to this family. We love you,” he closed the touching message.

Later, he shared a video where showed how they got ready with their partner to go to the hospital give birth “We are very happy to start this new stage that awaits us in this house,” said Beccar Varela.

Simona, the actress's little daughter.  Photo: Instagram

Simona, the actress’s little daughter. Photo: Instagram

Jazmín and Sofía, a love born on social media

Jasmine Beccar Varela and Sofia Accattoli They met three years ago through Instagram. And as soon as they met in person, they fell in love. On their anniversary, the actress thanked her partner for being “so amazing and funny and honest and a partner.”

Now, not long ago, he uploaded a photo of Sofia with a belly in advanced pregnancy and dedicated to her: “I love you and choose you every day of my life. What we are experiencing is spectacular”.

Sofia, the wife of Jazmín Beccar Varela.  instagram

Sofia, the wife of Jazmín Beccar Varela. instagram

As for the image, Jasmine revealed, “This photo is the memory of a Saturday locked up with a 43° thermal sensation and 31 weeks of pregnancy”.

Instead, for the last Lesbian Visibility Day, the first Rebellious way gave him some senses words to his partner and to all homosexual women.

I hope you don’t have to hide to experience love, not a week, not a month, not a year let alone a lifetime,” he reflected on his goals.

Jazmín Beccar Varela's emotional post for Lesbian Visibility Day. instagram

Jazmín Beccar Varela’s emotional post for Lesbian Visibility Day. instagram

“I wish that from the moment you like someone you can say it and tell it, which you can share and celebrate. Because love is celebrated, love is shared and love is not hidden,” he recommended from his own experience.

And to close the post, she left a tip for the more than 240,000 people who follow her: “Love is beautiful, love is beautiful, whoever it is, and if you’re a lesbian and someone is bothering you… shit. Blow him a kiss and let him go, you deserve to be happy.”

Source: Clarin

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