Mauro Icardi, spicy against Moria Casán: “With the name you have, you don’t need to say ‘nonsense’ for free”

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Crossbreeding between celebrities is, today, common currency. But now something has happened that no one could have imagined: Mauro Icardi did everything to answer Moria Casán for a phrase she said about him, his wife Wanda Nara and the other women in an interview he gave to THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle led by Ángel De Brito.

Finding out what La One had said, Wanda Nara’s husband replied to him through a text message posted on his Instagram stories. Among other things he said: “With your name, you don’t have to say ‘nonsense’ for free for two minutes on the news”.

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It all started when the chronicler of THEY interviewed Moria Casán about his incorporation as a jury member of the dance 2023the cycle that Marcelo Tinelli is preparing for the American screen.

Moria Casán, in the LAM interview that generated Icardi's reaction.  Catch TV.

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Moria Casán, in the LAM interview that generated Icardi’s reaction. Catch TV.

At one point of the dialogue he asked Moria: “A very hot post by Mauro Icardi with Wanda, we saw that it generated something for you …”. “Mauro Icardi looks like a bomb to me”, Moria was sincere. And she added: “I don’t know that boy’s story well, but it seems to me, from the little he tweets and the little I’ve seen, that It’s spicy”,

Moria’s controversial statement: “It seems to me that for Mauro Icardi every hole is a poncho”

in the note with THEYMoria then said of Mauro Icardi: “A footballer, if he has the life to run in goal, must know how to dance well”.

“Are you saying that he tweets marking his territory, as if to say ‘this woman is mine’?” the reporter asked. It seems to me that for Mauro Icardi every hole is a poncho”, replied Moria, without a filter. AND This was the sentence that outraged the Galatasaray player.

True to his style of saying what he thinks, no matter who he is, Moria Casán went on to say of Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara: “He’s a little boy and he married this woman who is divine, she’s a queen, she built that glorious house, but the boy must want other experiences”.

He must die of love for her, but it seems to me, from what one perceives, that he is a seducer“, He added.

“I proposed Wanda to the jury of Dance. She’s great at everything, only thing is I would take her to the speech therapist. Me with finished voices… Speech therapist, loves!” Moria said about the guest of masterchef (Teleph, at 10.45 pm).

Icardi’s harsh response to Moria

Mauro Icardi.  Capture Instagram.

Mauro Icardi. Capture Instagram.

Quick reflexes, Mauro Icardi came out to respond to Moria Casán from his Instagram account. In said social network, the footballer shared a message addressed to her.

“Thank you Moria for your compliments and compliments. Receiving them from a person who is a diva of our country, I appreciate it ”, began by writing the footballer.

Having said that, Wanda’s husband lashed out: “Even I tell you that the only poncho I wear 10 years ago is the same. What I choose every day and what I want to keep poisoning me with for many years of my life“, He added.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, passionate.  Instagram photo of Mauro Icardi.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, passionate. Instagram photo of Mauro Icardi.

“I blow a kiss. And honestly With the name you have, there’s no need to talk gratuitous nonsense for two minutes in the news”, Icardi closed the text he dedicated to Moria.

Source: Clarin

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