‘I love them fools’: Alejandro Sanz sang, thanked and a crowd cheered him in the rain

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Despite the fact that Friday evening became complex due to the copious rain that went from the bottom up, the Movistar Arena was packed with the public well before the time announced to receive the Madrid player Alessandro Sanz.

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It was part of his tour liveIn the first of his five concerts in Buenos Airesall with completely sold out tickets.

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

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Alessandro Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

The musician appeared a few days earlier in the province of Córdoba and in the city of Rosario, and is now at the CABA for this series of recitals that continue to demonstrate his eternal love affair with Argentina, one that never ran out since he first came in 1994: always filling stadiums and generating sighs in women and admiration in men.

Unlike other melodic pop stars, Sanz brings together audiences of both gendersso much so that in his recital last night there were 70 percent women and the rest men.

Even close to the end of the show, something sensational happened for a conventional recital: in a minimal moment of general silence, between one song and another, an “I love you, Ale!” it resounded throughout the field, with the voice of a euphoric young man, who was applauded by all the women present, accompanied by some complicit and benevolent laughter.

the start of the show

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Alexander Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Just before, outside, the path of the people was complex; the drizzle meant that many entered the property a little wet, although in any case, at the Corrientes Avenue entrance, some girls did not hesitate to buy a T-shirt, a headband or a brooch with the smiling face of one of the Argentines’ most loved Spanish singers.

Contrary to the typical custom that a show is announced at a certain time and starts at least half an hour later, the artist’s proposal arrived just fourteen minutes late.

As soon as the musicians entered, the entire stadium stood up never to step on chairs and seats again.

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Alessandro Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

The emotion was so strong that in one of the rows of the field it was possible to observe a small group of three girls, close to forty, who were crying and hugging each other intensely for a few minutes to celebrate the reunion with their idol, both from adolescence and adulthood, since two of them were holding wedding rings, more than enough reason to understand that they were married women, crossed by a long history that unites them to Alejandro Sanz in the field of song and heart .

On stage, the musicians were the first to wrap up an intense show that lasted almost two hours.

It’s evident that Sanz is inclusive when he puts his band together: It was two pianists, a keyboardist, two female backing vocalists, a percussionist, two guitarists, a trumpeter, and two other women: bassist and drummer.

Each or one in his role sounded almost in the same rhythm as a clock, as a product of the precision of sound. This happened either in moments of slow melodies or when the opportunity arose to speed up the instruments to mix musical styles.

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Alessandro Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

When Alejandro took the stage, he almost did it like a king.. Suddenly two smooth tables opened where the images were projected and he appeared there, standing on a few steps, at the height, ready to receive a shower of female compliments which immediately tinged him with affection.

Soon after, the Spaniard began singing with a broad smile on his face and raising his arms in thanks.

Sanz had white hair, a beige suit, a black T-shirt, light-colored sneakers, semi-dark glasses, and the right sleeve of his jacket rolled up to reveal tattoos near the wrist area.

His words to the audience

The concert enjoyed several moments with almost joined blocks of songs, in twos or threes, generating a constant immediacy. In this way, this consecrated musician who has managed to sell 25 million records worldwide, has stimulated his audience to never give up: he has done it with precision.

Alejandro hung several acoustic guitars and in different colors: brown, black and one that had details of floral designs on the wood.

He first block consisted of songs like It’s not the same (from their self-titled album), What I was is what I am (of the disk Live fast) AND let me kiss you, song that was recorded with Marc Anthony, but for the occasion he vocalized him in a duet with his bald and bearded keyboardist, also wearing black glasses.

behind came a series of songs in which his musicians began to distinguish themselves: both at the time of The soul in the airwith piano, bongo and trumpet as the total base, like when it was the turn of Today it rains, today it hurtswhose visual scenario consisted first of the images of a puddle where the raindrops fell and then moved into an abundant downpour, to which the musician added: Buenos Aires, it’s raining!, in harmony with the climate of the city.

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Alexander Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Even if that comment wasn’t just a single line, because when he finished singing the song, He addressed his people for the first time.

“Good evening, Buenos Aires, I don’t even know what to say, the truth is that usually I’m not eloquent let alone today. My emotion is happiness, it is being in this city. We will have fun tonight. I want you to know that today we’ll enjoy all those dreams we’ve had since we were kids. Have fun!”, he underlined receiving an ovation.

more hits

They spent a couple of pop ballads until they achieved success In search of paradise, a song he recorded with Alicia Keys and which is part of the album Paraíso Express, from 2009. After all, his beautiful brunette backing vocalist was the one with whom he made the duet, while the video was projected in the background together with the ‘American who is in the country, but has only been seen on screen. There was a lot of speculation that he might be in the stadium that adjoins Atlanta, but that ultimately didn’t happen.

Later, after other passages of excerpts from various records, it was the turn of When no one sees me another of the consecration successes of the artist who once wanted to be a jazz musician but took another course.

Then came another set of well-known songs – the beginning was with an unexpected performance of one of their guitarists sliding skills through precise hits and accompanied by a sound cushion from the keyboardist, achieving something like that that was progressive rock.

But immediately everyone resumed their journey on the pop and melodic side.

Another glorious moment happened when Sanz and his family performed With you, a song he recorded with Joaquín Sabina and for which he won his last Latin Grammy in 2020. Certainly, it was another of the high points of the evening, as once again his colleagues showed off at the Better. What stood out the most was his bass player, who marked the beat remarkably with the double bass as a great guest.

The same thing happened when it arrived the bananaa flamenco pop rumba which is probably the biggest musical risk in the long artistic career of the Spaniard.

The farewell

After another wave of songs mixed between the new and the historic, Sanz spoke to his audience again, before announcing a false ending.

Alessandro Sanz.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Alessandro Sanz. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

“You think it’s a joke, but every time I say goodbye I lose a little bit of myself. I love them big, stupid. Today in the dressing room they left me a photo from 1994, from the first time he lived in Buenos Aires. Thanks for that, which is a lot, and thanks for that World Cup that I enjoyed so much. It was ‘God, we’re winning a World Cup!’ They deserve it! They say the English invented football, but passion was invented here. And for Lio they deserve it too”.

He was there when he sang Broken heart, whose lyrics were the most sung by the audience. To accompany the chant, a large part of the female audience that was in the first half of the field held up small placards with inscriptions containing names such as joy, essence, love, courage, family and life, among others.

After the song, all the musicians withdrew from the stage, the lights went out and those present quickly moved one of the pianos to the center of the scoreboard.

The singer’s return did not take long. Likewise, he was acclaimed relentlessly by the entire audience who relentlessly chanted his name of him. The cameras focused on the keyboard and on the artist’s hands, who had two fingers on his right hand bandaged: he usually does it for cabala, according to what he said in an interview a few weeks ago.

past Here comes loneliness (of the disk the soul in the air, whose texts speak of Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, the wounded tango and the woman of Buenos Aires), Do you see them? and a medley until the actual closing that was with this last momentof 1997.

By then, everyone was satisfied, with their happy faces. It was already eleven in the evening and the exact time to say goodbye to the Spaniard so dear to him.

At the same time, it was pouring rain on the street. Still, those flirtatious women and happy men cared little when they retired — last night was worth bathing in with a musical smile.

Source: Clarin

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