Alberto Mazzini, icon of entertainment in the 60s and 70s and president of the Mirtha Legrand fan club, has died

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Actor Alberto Mazzini died at the age of 80 as a result of a heart attackafter having lived his last stage in a geriatric residence.

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His past as a model, thin, tall and blond, with long hair for his most important period, catapulted him as an actor on the big screen, to then also participate in various television projects. However, one of the most remembered facets of him is su fascination with the diva Mirtha Legrand.

Precisely, he was the president of the fan club of the host of the most famous lunches on Argentine television. In 1996 he fulfilled his big dream of hosting his own show, Star’s Night, a magazine with interviews. There he had the pleasure of reporting on Mirtha Legrand.

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In the 1960s Mazzini had founded the Diva’s Fan Club, and over the years he became one of his closest friends.

Alberto Mazzini, in a hidden camera made in Videomatch.

Alberto Mazzini, in a hidden camera made in Videomatch.

Mazzini was born on November 25, 1942 and she began modeling in the early 1960s, with about 20 years. Gradually, his career turned towards acting, until he made his film debut at the hands of Enrique Carreras in the film Los viciosos (1962), with Graciela Borges, Héctor Gancé, Lalo Hartich and Luis Corradi. Subsequently, he appeared in other important films such as Conscripto del 7 (1963), alongside the great Carlos Balá, and Los guerrillas (1965).

In 1965, he jumped onto the small screen to accompany Lolita Torres in the Candilejas cycle, broadcast on Channel 11 (currently Telefé), together with Juan Carlos Altavista, Jorge Salcedo, Jorge Barreiro, among others.

‘A Stranger in My Bed’, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, ‘There’s a Party in the Block’ and ‘A Very Fun Night’, were some of his performances in the theatre.

His latest television work was a participation in “Todos contra Juan”, the comedy starring and produced by Gastón Pauls in 2008. He was part of the cast of the North American film Highlander II, with Sean Connery, and accompanied Narciso Ibáñez Menta in the series well remembered The Black Octopus.

His death, which according to his entourage occurred on April 23 but only made public this Saturday, caused a deep pain in show businesswhere he left his mark after a long career.

Source: Clarin

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