Jorge Rial was discharged: “The next step is to go home”

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George Rialthis Monday afternoon, received a medical discharge and left the Clínica del Country in Bogotá, where he was treated after suffering a heart attack on April 30 while on vacation in Colombia.

“Already discharged. Next step, the return home”assured the driver of Argentzuela (C5N, Mon-Fri 3pm) on her Instagram account, where she has more than a million followers.

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And the reporter and the driver also shared a smiling selfie, showing his face for the first time since his hospitalization.

Jorge Rial has announced that he has been discharged.  Capture Instagram.

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Jorge Rial has announced that he has been discharged. Capture Instagram.

As, Rial’s transfer to Argentina would take place in the next few hours. “There are logistical problems that force him to stay a few more hours in Bogotá,” said Mauro Federico, who replaces Rial at the helm of Argentzuela.

According to their schedule, the “The plan is for him to be transferred directly from the track by ambulance to the Finochietto sanatorium and he will remain there for at least 24 or 48 hours”.

Over the weekend, as he left the ICU and went to a common room, Rial shared a heartfelt post, once again emphasizing his gratitude to the healthcare staff who treated him.

Along with a photo of the bed he occupied, Rial noted, “This was the battlefield for five days. I was able to leave it because there were many people who accompanied me. Very near and far.”

Jorge Rial's publication after leaving intensive care.  Instagram.

Jorge Rial’s publication after leaving intensive care. Instagram.

“Moment of sadness, tiredness but also of discovery. We have no control over absolutely anything. Only how to get there. Not when, or how or where. Now to continue on the road because God has given me another opportunity”continued Rial, who in Colombia counted on the support of his daughters, Morena and Rocío, who traveled to accompany him.

“To heal the wounds that this small but intense journey has left me, to heal my soul and my body and try to understand everything. To continue to recover. Thanks to those who, without knowing me, fought alongside me”, The former Intruders continued in his publication, which was full of likes and messages with words of encouragement.

“I’ll be around soon. But everything won’t be the same. It’s impossible. I will be able to put together this puzzle that life has given me”closed Rial, who highlighted the work done at the Clínica del Country and also praised his personal doctor, Guillermo Capuya, who also traveled to Colombia to follow his evolution.

Source: Clarin

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