Mariano Cáceres returned to “Los 8 escalones” and explained the reason for his surprising absence from the program

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Almost two weeks after his first and conspicuous absence in The 8 steps of the 3 million (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 21:15), Mariano Caceresthe man vying to deal with the treatment of his daughter with cancer, back in the cycle led by Guido Kaczka and explained why he had been absent for the last few days.

As soon as the broadcast started this Monday, the host of the program introduced the participant and recalled his tour of the game.

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“(He came back) Who had won not the week before, but the other one, the one before the previous one, Mariano. And could not come, warned, subject to force majeureKazka said.

Mariano was again this Monday at "Los 8 escalones".  Television capture

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Mariano was again this Monday at “Los 8 escalones”. Television capture

To which Agustina’s father, 14 years old, specified: “Yes, I had my daughter who had low defenses, so I couldn’t go to places. I had to take her to the Garrahan (hospital), put her on platelets and so on.”

Then, Guido reminded him in front of the cameras: “Mariano, the place has been saved for you”. “Thank you very much”thanked the man from Santiago de Abroad who took part in this competition to cover the costs of her daughter’s care.

“You are back, and you go for the…”Guido pressed him without going into the details of Agustina’s health. “Twelve? And, to infinity and beyond”replied ironically Mariano, who earns his living working as a security officer and, in addition to Agus, has two other children.

Agustina and Mariano in "The 8 steps".  Catch TV.

Agustina and Mariano in “The 8 steps”. Catch TV.

“Twelve million pesos!!!”closed the pilot, visibly moved, before starting the match which, finally, ended with the participation of Mariano Cáceres, who after making a mistake was not saved by his teammates and has been deleted.

The hard story of the life of Mariano Cáceres and his daughter

Mariano Cáceres joined The 8 steps of the 3 million (El Trece) with one goal: to raise the money needed to cover the costs of the treatment of Agustina, his teenage daughter, who has been battling cancer for several years.

“If I win, I would try to pay for my daughter’s care, which is like cancer patient here in Buenos Aires,” the man revealed in his first appearance on the programme, when Guido Kaczka asked him what he would use the prize for if he wins.

Mariano Cáceres and his daughter after receiving the symbolic check for 9 million.  Television capture

Mariano Cáceres and his daughter after receiving the symbolic check for 9 million. Television capture

Thus, Noelia, Agustina’s mother, spoke with The coast and said her daughter has been living with cancer since 2018 when she was just 10 and was discovered ocular rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)a tumor that attacks the muscles.

Then, again according to what was told by the woman, a tumor was added but at the base of the skull, therefore the girl was operated on and began receiving cancer treatment at the aforementioned pediatric clinic.​​

Since, Noelia and Mariano take turns traveling from Beltrán, to Santiago del Esteroin Buenos Aires, where Agustina is treated, while the other stays at home with his other two children.

“Many times it’s very difficult, because we miss each other a lot. We try to make everything more bearable through night video calls. We laugh, we cry, the kids argue on the phone. Sometimes cellphones run out of battery and we take another one. And so we go. It is a lifestyle that we have acquired since 2018,” Noelia stressed before concluding that note.

Source: Clarin

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