“It’s Magic”: The unusual method Ivana Nadal has found to stop using deodorant

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Ivana Nadal has once again surprised her followers with an unusual recommendation. From Tulum, the Mexican city where he currently resides, he advised his followers to natural substitute for deodorant which, according to her, works perfectly.

After showing what the new home he’s moved into on Mexico’s Caribbean coast looks like, The influencer revealed the suggestion that a stranger gave her to avoid sweating and which he decided to test with great results.

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“I’m about to go to the gym, but I put on deodorant before I go out, which I don’t wear deodorant anymore, I wear lemon”revealed through a story on her Instagram account, where she is followed by nearly three million users.

Ivana Nadal in Tulum, Mexico.  Photo: Instagram

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Ivana Nadal in Tulum, Mexico. Photo: Instagram

Regarding the results obtained after using this citrus fruit to prevent sweating, Ivana indicated: “It was the best thing that happened to me in my lifethey told me, let it go because it’s easier to go to the supermarket to buy a deodorant and put it on”.

Bruno Siri’s girlfriend criticized this tool for daily hygiene and explained why she didn’t like using it: “I hated the deodorant, I hated the smell, it smelled like sweat, it stained my clothes…”.

Ivana Nadal and Bruno Siri, super in love.  Photo: Instagram

Ivana Nadal and Bruno Siri, super in love. Photo: Instagram

Regarding how he learned of this unusual benefit of said fruit, Nadal said: “One day I ran into a man in Cozumel (a Mexican island) who said to me, ‘Don’t use deodorant, put lemon on.'”

“And I said, ‘Okay, I’ll try.’ Hey, it’s magical eh, magical”, he specified on the results obtained by replacing the antiperspirant with lemon. And in the aforementioned story he also wrote: “Epic data, very high.”

Ivana Nadal’s life in Mexico

Installed in Tulum since the end of 2022, the influencer usually share images from the beach and posts with inspirational sayings For all the people who follow her on Instagram. “For something different to happen, you have to act differently. Complaining will cause you to repeat the same thing over and over again,” she wrote.

Also from that account he promotes his series on Playboy TV, which he already has a season of 10 episodes and that she herself announced a second part.

“If you enjoyed Season 1, I promise you Season 2 will blow your mind. We’re almost there… but you can continue to subscribe,” he said and invited his followers to join the platform.

Ivana Nadal launched her erotic videos on the Playboy TV platform.  instagram

Ivana Nadal launched her erotic videos on the Playboy TV platform. instagram

With regard to conditions it has placed on the popular adult content brand to make pornographic productions, Ivana mentioned the only requirement that she did.

“No gyno planes,” he launched describing what he asked for in return to star in the video series. “It’s a total nude, but it’s something more artistic,” she clarified in dialogue with us in the morning (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 9:00), before they released the first season, in the middle of last year.

About how the offer came to him To participate in the channel with erotic content, the model revealed: “Playboy was missing a bit, so the idea was to do something strong so that it would be on everyone’s lips again. Then the idea of ​​doing “Playboy Celebrities” AND They asked me to be the first famous Argentinian.”

Source: Clarin

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