Home Entertainment Chantal Abad faced versions of a scandalous intern in ‘Cocineros Argentinos’

Chantal Abad faced versions of a scandalous intern in ‘Cocineros Argentinos’

Chantal Abad faced versions of a scandalous intern in ‘Cocineros Argentinos’

The surprising departure of Juan Ferrara from Argentinian cooks after the entry of Chantal Abad it would unleash an internal fort in the historic gastronomic program of Public TV.

consulted about it, spoke to the cook already scoops and was surprised to make sure he didn’t know about it scandal.

“We’re talking right now so I can understand what’s going on and what the truth is. Juan is very affectionate and is also uncomfortable with what goes around. We are colleagues, we respect each other and it is far from both to get involved in this kind of conflict,” began the new member of the culinary program.

And she explained that in order to “be able to stay calm” she needed to know “how things are” and therefore be able to “make the decisions she has to make”. “We’re both in that situation and trying to figure it out. Me writing down some things, him others… the truth is, we were in the middle of something awful“, he acknowledged.

Chantal Abad has become famous for her participation in "Morfi", the cycle conducted by Gerardo Rozín.  Television capture

Chantal Abad has become famous for her participation in “Morfi”, the cycle conducted by Gerardo Rozín. Television capture

And he concluded: “For me, truth and transparency always go forward and There are things I don’t let go. I want and need to understand what his situation is and if the version I’ve had is the truth. Only he can tell me.”

Juan Ferrara’s open letter that surprised everyone

The news of Ferrara’s exit from the popular cycle which for a decade was commanded by the recently deceased Guillermo Calabrese, Juan himself communicated it on his social networks.

“The truth is that It took me a long time to start these words.” assured the renowned chef at the beginning of the open letter that he shared with his more than 195,000 followers of Instagram.

And to that effect he added: “There are many strong emotions that have invaded me these days. It took me a while to express them because I gave myself the space I needed to do so.”

Then Ferrara, who after Calabrese’s death became part of the team What a morning! (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 10am), he stressed spent 15 years in Argentinian cooks…he stated that he felt “proud of everything he has done and happy for having transmitted passion and joy”.

Juan Ferrara aired in "Argentine Cooks".  Television capture

Juan Ferrara aired in “Argentine Cooks”. Television capture

Then he stated: “We spread values that I will never stop broadcasting because for me they are fundamental to making quality television”.

And after thanking “public TV and all its workers”, he hinted that it was not he who decided to leave the cycle: “I really wanted to celebrate these almost 15 years and share them with all of you. Unfortunately, due to decisions that are extraneous to me, it was not possible”.

And he closed: “The television that represents me is always done by working as a team, generating collective ideas and respecting each other”.

Crossed versions on the departure of Juan Ferrara

After Ferrara communicated the news of his departure from Argentinian cooksIn show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11am), Rodrigo Lussich she said that since Chantal has joined the program “Juan was a bit relegated” and “complained to production because he didn’t have the place he wanted” for what “They asked him to retire.”

Claimed to be the oldest on the show. She’s been there since 2009. And well, they told her ‘look, if you don’t understand things…’ Chantal was a guest one day and the truth is, she delivered, as they say on television. She has nothing to do with any of this. The production had many twists… something similar also happened with Sofía Pachano. They’re strict. ‘You do not like it?’ Well, get your things,” added Adrián Pallares.

Source: Clarin


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