Haaland’s father was taken from the Bernabéu by the police: what did he throw at Real fans during the goal celebration?

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alfie halandErling’s father, was present at the Santiago Bernabéu for the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals between real Madrid AND Manchester City. And given the less than usual performance that his son had, the Norwegian’s father was the one who stole the attention in one sector of the field. Is that, the former footballer, has also crossed paths with the Merengue fans due to the exultant exultation of the goal that gave the English team the equalizer.

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The Norwegian, who knew how to wear the citizen’s shirt just like his son, was watching the game from one of the boxes in the stadium and he was caught exchanging insults with the Spanish fans after Kevin De Bruyne’s 1-1 goal.

The way he carried out his celebration, in which seems to have thrown pieces of peanuts in the stands, was the reason that unleashed the fury in Madrid and that made Alfie evacuate from the area by the security present in the stadium. Despite the presence of the guards, Haaland Sr.’s taunting gestures in response to the fans continued. Accompanied by another family member, he retreated from the area with his hands over his ears and was later reportedly caught making off-key signs..

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The former footballer was transferred to another of the stadium’s VIP boxes to prevent mutual insults from continuing. But then, when things calmed down, the attacker’s father posted a tweet referring to the moment in which he had to suffer. “Okay. Real Madrid weren’t happy that we were celebrating Kevin De Bruyne’s goal.”Alfio wrote.

And a few hours later, he added: “We had some good banter with the Real Madrid fans. They weren’t happy when City scored. Typical. Then we had to move 50 meters away. Nothing else. All happy. Well almost…”

After the event, the fans of the Spanish team began to ask that Erling not be one of the names in the portfolio for next season, given some rumors that had been generated since last year about a possible arrival of the Norwegian in Madrid. The rage that Alfie engendered also passed on to his son.

Haaland’s great numbers at the Bernabéu

Despite having one of the best seasons of his still short career, Haaland had one of his worst nights since his arrival at Manchester City. He not only didn’t get a chance to convert, but he didn’t get to participate much in the creation of the game.

The Real Madrid defense was influential in this after managing to nullify most of all the movements made by the android, putting him out of harm’s way during the 90 minutes. The statistics prove it: he touched the ball 21 times, 8 times fewer than his goalkeeper Ederson, with 29.

Knowing the selfishness the Norwegian takes on himself when he fails to score, he will probably look to put the moment behind him to help his side in next Wednesday’s second leg.

Haaland and Alaba, one of the football duels of the Champions League night.  Photo: JAVIER SORIANO / AFP.

Haaland and Alaba, one of the football duels of the Champions League night. Photo: JAVIER SORIANO / AFP.

Source: Clarin

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