Jésica Cirio has expressed her opinion on the possibility of Jey Mammón returning to “La peña de Morfi”

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After the prescribed complaint for sexual abuse of minors against jey mammon, the pilot’s future is a mystery. Now, jessica ciriowhich is in front of The Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sundays at 11.30), spoke of the possibility that her ex? partner returns to the program.

After the sayings of Luke Welcomewho claimed to have maintained a love affair when she was still a minor, Jey was removed by decision of the Sunday Cycle Channel.

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Back in Argentina, after a few days of vacation in Spain, where he tried to escape the media siege, Mammón spoke to the reporter of in the afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 3pm) and assured that she really wants to get back to the small screen, even though she acknowledged she doesn’t know which channel.

The artist’s sayings arise amid versions suggesting that he was going to initiate a million-dollar lawsuit against Telefe.

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Jésica Cirio and Georgina Barbarossa, who replaced Jey Mammón in "La peña de Morfi".  Catch TV.

Jésica Cirio and Georgina Barbarossa, who replaced Jey Mammón in “La peña de Morfi”. Catch TV.

jessica cirio was honest, and when asked about this issue in an interview for Radio Zónica, he assured that he never spoke to Jey again.

When asked if he believed Mammon could return to television, the driver replied: “I don’t know. It’s something for people and him to see. These things keep surprising me, you never stop surprising yourself.”

Just a few days ago, a viewer asked “Jey to come back” through a poster that was seen on the air.  Catch TV.

Just a few days ago, a viewer asked “Jey to come back” through a poster that was seen on the air. Catch TV.

Then he developed: “These situations distress you, surprise you and baffle you. What I know? It was all very unexpected, very sad.”

“I spoke to Jey at that moment and now at this moment we haven’t spoken to each other again”clarified Jésica, who took over the direction of the program with Georgina Barbarossa.

In this context, the former partner of Martin Insauralde He spoke about how much the complaint against his former partner affected him. “I was impressed by everything that happened, by the program”he acknowledged.

“For all the people on my team that we’ve been on the program with for years…everywhere you look at it, it’s a very complicated situation”concluded Cirio.

Jey Mammón has made it clear that he wants to return to television

This week, while strolling through the Palermo neighborhood, jey mammon he spoke to the reporter in the afternoon (America), who consulted him on his present.

The actor has assured that he is leading a “normal life”, which remains the same as always and has revealed his intentions to return to the small screen.

“I’m very well, I went for a walk … I’ve been in normal life for a while, I’m calm,” began the humorist.

“There is no new Jey Mammón, it is the same as always”he later clarified.

When asked by the American reporter about a possible return to television, Jey said: “Definitely. We will definitely be back, yes of course. I don’t know where but we will definitely be back on TV.”

“The truth is that I am still the same as always, I still think as always. Before it was a kick in the head from which you have to get up. That shows. But I am still the same. The circumstances remain the same,” he added.

On the possibility of taking legal action against some media and journalists, the actor was somewhat mysterious and did not want to give many details.

“When it’s what it needs to be, I’ll sit down to talk about what’s happening. When it happens, they’ll find out. In the meantime, talk to the lawyers,” he said.

AND he warned that “anyone who has lied and obtained or possessed a lie must answer.”

Source: Clarin

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