The audio of the woman who allegedly had a meeting with Mauro Icardi has come to light

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In the last few hours, a series of audio messages from the woman with whom he would have had a meeting Mauro Icardi in Puerto Madero last March.

The messages were released today, Friday, in nosy in the afternoon (NET, from Monday to Friday at 5 pm), the cycle conducted by Carlos Monti and are the ones that the young woman, named Candela Lecce, had sent to Pochi, creator of the Gossipeame Instagram account, to tell her that she would have a link with the husband of Wanda Nara.

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“I disappeared from social media, he called me and told me he was coming here. She came looking for me and I went to Buenos Aires, spent the night there and came back the next day. He made me swear that I would shut down all networks and that no one would notice. That’s why I haven’t told anyone, not even my best friend, ”the woman begins, telling about her in one of the messages.

The woman who would have been with Mauro Icardi.  Catch TV.

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The woman who would have been with Mauro Icardi. Catch TV.

And he continues: “Then the chabón eliminated me from all sides. We were already blocked on Instagram, but I still had his WhatsApp.

Subsequently, she explained that the attacker would have told her that they would meet again and that is why she was surprised some time later when she found out that she was in Argentina following her participation in MasterChef (Telefe), where Wanda is a host .

“He told me that, of course, he couldn’t tell anyone, the typical one. Now when I saw all this on the show, which I didn’t know went to tape, she didn’t tell me it was in Argentina. I said, ‘Well that’s it, I’m an asshole,’” she stated in one of the audios she sent to Pochi.

“But hey, he told me the whole little story, that he came looking for me and all that, because I’m 280 kilometers from Buenos Aires,” the woman who lives in a city located in the northwest province of Buenos Aires is heard saying. Buenos Aires. she saying: Buenos Aires.

And he specified: “I stayed in the hotel and he went and came back. We spent the night there. The night was the same for a while… And then I never saw him again because the next day I took a bus and came here because I had to work”.

It had promised to air, but it was cancelled

“He made me swear not to say anything. Nor my friend. As usual. She made me delete several things and we got stuck on Instagram,” added Candela, who works as a promoter.

“He made me put my phone in my wallet, I couldn’t get it out… But I just called my mom because I told her I was leaving and that’s when I took her picture,” she said of the matter the image that has gone viral in the last few hours and that according to Mauro Icardi he said he would be deceived.

Mauro Icardi has claimed that the photo they used to accuse him of treason is fake.  Capture Instagram.

Mauro Icardi has claimed that the photo they used to accuse him of treason is fake. Capture Instagram.

The woman also specified that Mauro would go looking for her «by car, in a red coupe. Obviously I wanted to tell you about the rabble so you can see that it’s not all rosy. I won’t make it public, but I wanted to tell you.”

In this context, Monti revealed that although Candela promised to go on the air to tell his version, then he “disappeared”, stopped answering messages and on the phone.

Source: Clarin

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