Diego Leuco confessed and recounted the problem of addiction he suffered from: “I felt like I could lose control”

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Diego Leuco was a guest at free beings, the cycle it leads Gaston Pauls on Crónica TV (Fridays at 10pm), and surprised by revealing the problem of addiction he suffered years ago.

“I had a huge addiction to trainingto the physical to what was supposed to be physical well-being”, revealed the driver of Before anyone (Luzu TV, Monday to Friday at 8am).

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And he detailed: “When I was a kid, I was quite overweight., like thirty kilos more than now, at 17, 18 years old. It was something that bothered me a lot. I had the feeling they were watching me, but then my colleagues told me ‘it has nothing to do with it’. It was more my mambo than anything else.”

Diego Leuco: "I had a big addiction to

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Diego Leuco: “I had a big addiction to training”. Catch TV.

“That’s where I got my batteries. It happened to me that I started training, but It has become a semi-toxic addiction. I trained two, three hours a day, weighed my food. I’ve been like this for about a year. She helped me because later I learned to relax,” she said. “It was a year where for the first time I felt that I could lose control over something, as if something made my decisions for me,” added Leuco, who then spoke about his work.

“I’m a bit addicted to work, but I’ve learned to only do what I enjoy at work and this is a brutal change. “If I’m not happy here, don’t do it again”, acknowledged Leuco, who was surprised at the beginning of the year by his decision to leave the leadership of the telenoche (The Thirteen).

And then he highlighted: “Lately smoking is what bothers me the most, because I started when I grew up”.

Diego Leuco confessed in dialogue with Gastón Pauls.  Catch TV.

Diego Leuco confessed in dialogue with Gastón Pauls. Catch TV.

“I think it’s a cigarette more for anxiety than nicotine. Why I smoke when I have nothing to do”Leuco told of the addiction he would like to leave behind.

“When I moved, only the ‘bag of being alone’ appeared and that’s what’s the hardest for me to let go today. There are times when I have no limits. For example, if I’m in a traffic jam in my car and I have cigarettes… I have no limits there. It’s one after another,” said the journalist, who is in a relationship with his colleague Sofía Martínez.

And then he stated: “It’s rarely the cigarette of pleasure, most of the time it’s the feeling of doing something. Seriously, I once said ‘up to here’. I stopped for two or three months and then came back. I want to leave? Yes. Am I desperate to quit? Obviously not. I’ve discovered that I’m not convinced about quitting.”

“When I stop there is a big physical difference. In the morning it feels very… I try to change habits, I really want to change, like with food, training, meditation, but I can’t”added Leuco, speaking of the impossibility of giving up cigarettes.

Source: Clarin

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