After being beaten against Platense, Fernando Gago spoke about his continuity in Racing

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The racing cannot go on. He receives one slap after another and has no reaction in the Professional League. He fell again, now he was beaten on the Platense field, he got only one point from the round of 16 and worsened his crisis. However, Fernando Gago has assured that he will continue to be the DT of the Academy.

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Last week, after the fall against Talleres de Córdoba, Racing’s technical director took more than one to show up at the press conference. However, now on the La Plata court, DT faced the microphones minutes after his fall to Vicente López.

“I haven’t thought of stepping down as manager of Racing. My conclusion is that it’s not the end of the cycle,” Gago said at a press conference after his fall at the Ciudad de Vicente López stadium.

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“We’re having a string of bad results and I’m dealing with it just like the players,” he said of his side’s moment, which are in 18th place. place with 18 drives and has six games without a win. with a draw five defeats.

He added that “when things don’t come out of football, it affects the physical and the emotional. This is a very difficult time and this is something that is worrying.”

“There is a context made up of many situations that is leading us to this situation and we have not found the specifics on which we have to work to be able to overturn this present, which is what we want”, he continued.

“It is clear that people will have the right to express themselves as always. I have always said, I say and I will say that we need the support and encouragement of the public. But this also includes the feelings of the fans at the moment we are going through,” he said. said about the feeling of the Racing fan.

“We have to try to find solutions for this moment, both to replace the players we don’t have due to injury, and above all to change this streak that the team is going through. And that’s what we’ll focus on. Friday’s match (at home against Vélez from 21:30)”, concluded Fernando Gago.

Source: Clarin

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