Barby Franco spoke about the illness her daughter had and detailed how she continues her treatment

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Barbie Franco He was honest and detailed the health problem suffered by his daughter, Sarah Burlando, following her relationship with the lawyer Fernando Burlandowho in March was hospitalized for 15 days at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT).

“Sarah had a urinary tract infection for which we were hospitalized for 15 days but thankfully the doctors very quickly identified what virus it was and from which family, so they gave her the appropriate antibiotic and could be cured”Barbie highlighted in a note with Gente magazine.

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There, Barby said that her daughter, born in December 2022, continue with the treatment.

Fernando Burlando and Barbie Franco with Sarah.  Photo: Instagram.  Archive.

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Fernando Burlando and Barbie Franco with Sarah. Photo: Instagram. Archive.

“Now she is continuing on a prophylactic drug, which she must take until the age of one. So we are still in full treatment, but very well,” the media said.

Barby, on the other hand, in another passage of the interview, spoke of little Sarah’s behavior: “She’s a genius, she behaves very well. You put any pacifier on her and she grabs it, you put any bottle on her and she takes it, you put the breast and also.In that sense, it came out quite a bit. But when he gets mad, he’s just like his father.”

Then, on whether Sarah is more like her or Burlando, she noted: “When she was born she was just like her father because she was always angry. And I thought ‘lady, what’s wrong with her, she’s too young to be angry'”.

The photo of Fernando and Sarah Burlando that Barby Franco posted.  instagram

The photo of Fernando and Sarah Burlando that Barby Franco posted. instagram

And he added: “But Now that his features have grown, he looks more like me. She has slanted eyes like me and also in her personality. But when he gets angry, he’s a lot like dad.”

Barbie Franco’s Fury Over Price Hike: ‘I Didn’t Have Enough Money!’

Days ago, the media outlets expressed their outrage in a video they shared on their networks due to the price increase. Barbie went shopping in a supermarket and when she saw the ticket she complained: “I didn’t have the money!”

First, he uploaded a photo of the purchased products. There are, among other things, packs of mineral water, soft drinks, detergents, toilet paper, kitchen rolls, window cleaner, insecticides, bleach, baby wet wipes, flaneras, tortilla pans and an electric kettle, among other things.

“How much for all this?” You wrote the model and speaker on that picture. In the following Instagram story, he recorded himself talking to the camera as he walked out of the superstore where he made his purchase and became indignant: “No, no, no. Stunned by the total bill.”

“Literally, I bought all of this plus a couple of sausages and some hot dog bread…”. “No, I want to kill myself!” Barbie continued with her catharsis. Furious, she added, “In fact, I haven’t received the money.”

Thus, it showed the value of the ticket. As can be seen in the image, the subtotal without discounts was added up to 124,421.36 pesos, while the final price, after having applied various discounts that supermarkets usually offer for various reasons, was found to be 120,180.65 pesos.

Source: Clarin

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