Extortion and scandal: the conditions that Mauro Icardi would have put on Wanda Nara to be able to meet his daughters again

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the scandal between Mauro Icardi AND Wanda Nara Added a new chapter. In the last few hours, Guido Záffora has ensured that the player I would be extorting the media and said what they would be The conditions which he has placed so that he can be reunited with his two daughters.

Although it seemed that after the reconciliation everything went smoothly, since it came to light that Icardi would have had an affair with Candela Lecce, promoter of Olavarría, presenter of masterchef (Telephe) put an end to his marriage.

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And this Tuesday, while the alleged lover of the footballer spoke live intruders (America, from Monday to Friday at 13:00), Záffora, speaker of the cycle, has received a series of messages from Wanda.

“Wanda is writing to me here, I asked her if she spoke to Cande Lecce and she says no. She tells me, ‘I’ve been having a bad time for a long time, I don’t want these problems anymore. My children and I are very sick, ‘” launched the journalist, reading the words of the driver, who recognized her complicated gift from her.

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New clash between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara.

New clash between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara.

But it didn’t stop there, in the loop they kept talking about the topic and wondering what would happen to Francesca and Isabella, the daughters who have in common Mauro and Wanda, who now live in Turkey. And they assured it Mauro intends to keep possession of the girls.

“I’d give Wanda where it hurts the most and that way I could handle it,” Sebastian said pampito Perello Aciar.

First, Záffora said Wanda hoped her daughters could travel to Argentina soon. But immediately the speaker received messages from the media environment and They assured him that Mauro would not let the girls travel.

“What they tell me about Wanda’s environment is this Mauro didn’t allow the girls to leave Turkey. Wanda is shocked. What they tell me is that she cries every day for girls”Zaffora supported.

“Here’s what they tell me is that Mauro is using the girls and manipulating Wanda with the girls. And what’s the point? girls started school in Türkiye this year”added the speaker.

Guido Záffora, in "Intruders", detailed the bad moment that Wanda Nara is experiencing after the separation from Mauro Icardi.  Catch TV.

Guido Záffora, in “Intruders”, detailed the bad moment that Wanda Nara is experiencing after the separation from Mauro Icardi. Catch TV.

“Wanda was unable to bring the girls, they have European passports and They can only stay here for a few days, because they are not Argentinian. They cannot remain without an agreement with Mauro,” he continued.

“What they tell me is that Mauro doesn’t want to give the girls to Wanda because he doesn’t accept this deal. Here They tell me that there is a threat from Mauro to Wanda and that for Mauro to give the girls to Wanda, Wanda must stay with Mauro. “You have to come back with me and I’ll give you the girls,” he continued, revealing the conditions that the footballer would have set. “The question is the agreement, that the agreement can only be signed when the two people are in the same place,” added Guido.

It is worth mentioning that Wanda Nara continues with the recordings of masterchef and for this it must continue in Argentina.

“They really tell me that Wanda is desperate, that she cries every day. You are very wrong on this matter”Guido convicted.

How could the legal dispute be

Subsequently, Florencia de la Ve, presenter of the cycle, consulted the lawyer Mariana Gallego, host of the program, on the matter and the lawyer explained that “the center of the girls’ life is what determines the judge who is about to intervene As long as it is Turkey, a Turkish judge will decide”.

“If we talk about kids, the most important thing is what their center of life is, you can’t change it for one day. If the parties do not sign the agreement and it must be decided by a judge, It would be very rare for a judge in Argentina to rule on children who have their center of life in Turkey.”, he indicated. “If children come here and don’t come back and that’s the center of their lives, Icardi can order them”held.

Source: Clarin

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