Wanda Nara published a photo, but she lied and her followers discovered it: “Don’t burn me”

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Wanda Nara shared a photo of the intimacy of masterchef (Telephe, at 10:45 pm), but she lied and her followers found out.

In the image, which has generated an unusual controversy on the networks, the media are seen together German martyrdom, donated saints AND Damiano Betularthe judges of the cooking show that hosts, with two companions, a thermos and a cup of coffee on the table.

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“6.30 for breakfast with them. The chefs of my life. How nice to work with colleagues who become such special people in your life”wrote the former partner of Mauro Icardi under the publication which he shared with his more than 16 million followers on Instagram.

"They have breakfast with them at 6.30," wrote Wanda, sharing the photo.

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“They have breakfast with them at 6.30,” wrote Wanda, sharing the photo.

“6.30 with that face, do you want?”commented on the post an innocent follower of Wanda who, for his message, received more than 40 replies. One of them said: “Yes, that’s true. But the photo isn’t from 6:30”. Then, from there, other Internet users began to look carefully at everything seen in the image and discovered that Martitegui’s cell phone that was on the table showed 1:56 pm.

“Hahaha It says it was 1 pm on his cell phone, Wan. I do not understand anything”, “Martitegui’s Cell Phone: ‘Don’t Burn Me'” and “Well, it’s almost 2pm in that picture, not 6:30” were some of the hundreds of messages Wanda received about it.

Martitegui's cell phone indicated that it was actually 1:56 pm and not 6:30 am.  Photo: Instagram

Martitegui’s cell phone indicated that it was actually 1:56 pm and not 6:30 am. Photo: Instagram

“It’s always posted after noon and after 6pm is ideal”the media tried to justify themselves by explaining why he had published the photo in the afternoon if it was presumably from the morning, without abandoning the false version that it was taken at 6:30.

Wanda Nara download.

Wanda Nara download.

What did Wanda Nara try to hide by lying with the program?

The truth is Wanda Nara had had a very long night and for this he had not wanted to feed the rumors that were getting louder at that moment: that he had spent the night with L-Gante, with whom he would be reconciled after the separation from Mauro Icardi.

Tuesday evening, before the day of the registration of masterchef that he shared on the networks, The media had accompanied the cumbia singer to the Gardel Awards. But not only that: from there she went with him to a party which lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Some say they even left there together.

Nothing seems unreasonable considering Wanda is separated from Icardi, lives in Turkey with her daughters, and the possibility of a reconciliation today seems a long way off. At least for her.

Is that the Galatasaray footballer assures that everything is part of a media game of his wife. “The only truth is that he asked me to buy the tickets and I told him ‘No’, so (he says it) it’s separate. And how many go? It bored me too”, he said in a series of Instagram stories that he published on his profile.

And he added forcefully: “Do not eat the verse or the invention of infidelities.”

Source: Clarin

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