Antonella Menem’s harsh open letter against Zulema Yoma: “God forgive her”

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in the middle of a strong controversy for the making of OHFollow me!the series that will tell the life of Carlos Menem, nephew of the late former Argentine president, Antonella Menempublished a tough open letter against Zulema Yoma.

In detail, the daughter of Carlitos Menem Junior shared on your account instagram a photo of his father with his grandmother in which he appears smiling and holding hands with his son, who died in March 1995, after the helicopter he was traveling in crashed in the city of San Nicolás.

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“This post will seem strange to you, but you know it beyond the anger that there is for so many years that made me sufferI don’t rule it out Zulema had a bad timeand I’m talking about my grandmother, so they don’t get confused,” began the 35-year-old, who born unrecognized and his filiation lawsuit was only settled in November 2003.

Then, Zulemita’s niece, who for 11 years struggled to be recognized as the racing driver’s legitimate daughter, went on to recount how this material came to her and her views on said image.

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The photo Antonella Menem shared of her grandmother and father.

The photo Antonella Menem shared of her grandmother and father.

“They handed me this photo and really my gaze went straight to her, then to my beautiful father, e What caught my attention was the dazzling smile she (Zulema) had next to my father.“, he assured.

“I don’t remember ever seeing her smile like that… After my father died I never saw his eyes shine again”she said surprised.

And she closed, referring to herself: “How crazy it all is, isn’t it? Thinking about it my father left a part of himself to heal that pain and he never accepted it… God willing my father forgives them (his grandmother and aunt) and God forgives them too. I have already forgiven themYou can’t live like this…”.

Antonella Menem's harsh message.

Antonella Menem’s harsh message.

Antonella Menem’s struggle to be recognized

It must be remembered that Antonelladaughter of Carlitos Menem Junior AND Amalia Pinetafruit of a fleeting relationship, he struggled for many years to find his identity. And only in 2003 did Justice recognize her as the heir of the former president of the Argentine Republic, who died on February 14, 2021.

However, she was never able to establish the desired connection with her father’s family. “You get used to it over the years, but it cost me a lot and the question of the surname didn’t help much. I had a bad time at school. All that rejection hurt me a lot.”explained the young woman in an interview with in the afternoon (America, at 3:30pm).

“I had psychological trauma and I began to feel that I was to blame for all that rejection, when I clearly wasn’t,” added Antonella in that note that took place in the cycle hosted by Karina Mazzocco.

Antonella Menem was recognized as daughter of Carlos Jr in 2003. Photo: Instagram

Antonella Menem was recognized as daughter of Carlos Jr in 2003. Photo: Instagram

And when she mentioned how difficult it was for her to be accepted as part of the Menem family, she said of Zulema Yoma: “I was very young and I only saw her when I had to do the DNA test. She and Zulemita never wanted me to do those tests.”

Furthermore, the girl said that once she went to her grandfather’s house, when he was still alive and at his request, but Zulemita not only did not let her in but also physically attacked her to get her out.

“He punched me out of the car. He pulled me out of the car by the hair, hit me, hit my friend, who had got in to help me. At one point he gets in the car because he had ripped out the antenna and hit my son who was one and a half years old. There are times when one shuts up, but now I don’t want to shut up anymore,” he said angrily.

Source: Clarin

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