Tesla Bot: Elon Musk’s humanoid robots already walk and grab objects

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The first contact the world had with Optimus, the advanced android of Tesla, That was in October 2002 and the topic hasn’t been mentioned since. But now, during a Tesla shareholder meeting, Elon Musk showed how the new robotic operators work.

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In the video that Musk himself shared, the process of hand movement training is shown, using virtual and augmented reality techniques.

Also, these machines can be seen to have a more streamlined design than the first prototype shown last year, which could barely sway and walk bumping its legs.

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This new version have more control of motor torque, progress has been made in training artificial intelligence (AI) based on human-tracked movements and the ability to manipulate objects.

In another shot you can see them hold items and holding with all fingers a small yellow ball and also a set of tools which they keep in a box.

To be able to grasp and move small shapes, the researchers trained the machine’s artificial intelligence through a demonstration by a human, dressed for the occasion in a special suit and glasses.

The highlight is that humanoid robots can now walk in a straight line without the help of Tesla personnel.

On social media, many have derided the slowness of scrolling. Musk himself has been instructed to clarify that, at this stage of development, this is normal walk very slowly. When the final version arrives, it is expected that they will walk at the speed of a person.

According to the video, the goal is for the Tesla Bots to be able to perform increasingly complex tasks. However, its commercial production is likely to come after the company delivers its long-awaited Cybertruck cars.

And while these androids may do heavy labor, the idea is that in the increasingly near future, they’ll help with household chores and assist humans with household arrangements.

As has been shown in countless movies, if someone is to introduce a robot into millions of homes, the basic requirement is that they must have one familiar look and similar to man.

The advantage of Optimus is that it uses many of the technologies found in Tesla vehicles.

One of them is motion sensorsone of the most sophisticated pieces of the brand and which is a key mechanism in the development of the robot, as it is what helps it avoid obstacles and avoid accidents.

Change of command on Twitter

Linda Yaccarino, strong arm of Twitter.  photo by AFP.

Linda Yaccarino, strong arm of Twitter. photo by AFP.

The new bot demo came days after Musk announced he was stepping down as CEO of Twitter and instead named Linda Yaccarino, head of advertising for NBCUniversal, as the new chief executive officer.

Musk, who took over as CEO following its purchase of the social network last year, also welcomed him this Friday via tweet, as he was “thrilled to welcome Linda Yaccarino” to her new role.

During previous negotiations, Yaccarino was interested in the position Elon Musk has held to date, according to the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, he said he would be leaving his position as head of advertising for NBCUniversal.

Source: Clarin

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