Rusherking had a birthday celebration and China Suárez had a surprising reaction in the nets

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May, 20th Rusherking turns 23 and, as he was shown in his nets at an intimate celebration, his ex-girlfriend, Eugenia China Suarezshared a video suggesting he’s not enjoying himself.

Is that, although it seemed that the romance was going from strength to strength and that the singer and the ex Almost angels (Telefe) were very much in love, surprisingly, at the beginning of April, the artist announced their separation, after almost a year of relationship, and was very moved in a post which she later deleted.

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Far from trying to hide her feelings, the actress once again showed heartache on her Instagram account, where she has more than six million followers.

China Suárez's post on Rusherking's birthday.  Instagram.

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China Suárez’s post on Rusherking’s birthday. Instagram.

China shared a video showing her in bed, accompanied by Amancioone of the children with whom he has in common Benjamin Vicuna. And she added several memories with the child who is almost three years old.

He also put the video to music with Acrostic the song that Shakira released recently and is dedicated to her children.

“Loving you serves as anesthesia to the pain, it makes me feel better. I’m here for whatever you need, you came to complete who I am,” the Colombian sings in her new song.

The actress was not in a good mood and received support from her followers.  Instagram.

The actress was not in a good mood and received support from her followers. Instagram.

Also, Eugenia added the emoji of a heart and a plaster. She also shared pictures of her in her stories on the aforementioned social network and added bandaged heart emoticons.

Many of his followers have indicated that the artist would still suffer from rusherking, especially since then She shared the video the day her ex was celebrating his birthday.

The post raised more than 90 thousand pleases and received a lot of comments trying to encourage China.

Rusherking was shown celebrating with his family.  Instagram.

Rusherking was shown celebrating with his family. Instagram.

“You are so beautiful, so strong, that you deserve to be very happy”, “Everything will be fine, China”, “Beautiful. All the bad that you have been through will be repaid in joy. While the others are crying…”,“ Calm down, everything will be fine, life welcomes everything, every clown / bear in her circus and every queen on her throne ”,“ Bella Chini !!! Everything will be fine”, were some of the messages they left in the post.

hastyFor his part, he shared a series of stories on his Instagram account in which he showed that he was starting his birthday accompanied by a friend.

Later, on another plate, he said that he was celebrating his birthday and that of his sister, surrounded by his family, he showed the cake with the number “23” and thanked him for the gifts.

Rusherking pie.  Instagram.

Rusherking pie. Instagram.

What Eugenia China Suárez had said about her separation

Just a few days ago, during the presentation Objectsa new film in which she stars together with the Spanish Álvaro MorteEugenia China Suárez spoke with the reporter of intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1pm) and ensured that Rusherking was a thing of the past.

When the reporter asked her about her sentimental gift, the actress displayed a superior attitude and claimed it was “a quick process.”

The actress opened up about her ex.  Catch TV.

The actress opened up about her ex. Catch TV.

“My heart is good… I have fast processes, I’ve already left behind everything I needed to leave behind, so I’m fine,” said the artist.

And he continued: “For the first time in my life, I’m already older and I’m really with my head at work and very happy, very calm.”

Source: Clarin

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