Paula Chaves returns to TV with “Famous Portholes” and confesses: “Cooking is not my forte”

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Television, in too many ways, is not what it used to be. And even less in terms of the exclusivity of his figures. Before they “came” from one channel or another. Now, closer to the changing rhythm of football, the open TV booklet It’s the order of the day. So it should come as no surprise that Paula Chaves, the face of Bake it out on Telefe, join the ranks of El Trece.

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From Monday 22, The model and the host will be responsible for Famous Pasaplatoswhich will run from Monday to Friday at 18:30 for two weeks, in the space vacated sing with me now already waiting Now I fallthe new series of shows that will be led by Darío Barassi.

“I can’t understand those people who are surprised because you change the screen. We are drivers, we can work in one place, in another, nothing happens, you do not betray anyone. What I’m about to do doesn’t mean I can’t go back to Telefe. In fact, I worked a lot on that channel, but I started at El Trece“says the winner of the reality show super 2003.

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This is how the celebrity team of "Pasaplatos" is formed.

This is how the celebrity team of “Pasaplatos” is formed.

It’s been 20 years since that leap to fame and now it was the one chosen by Adrián Suar to be the host of the celebrity version of Pasaplatosthe gastronomic reality show hosted every afternoon by Carina Zampini.

What is it like when the cameras go off?

the sun sets and Chaves returns home via the Pan-American Highwayafter participating in a recording of The 8 steps of the million (at 21:30, on El Trece), as a guest of the jury. His family organization chart indicates that, upon arrival, she has to feed her three children so they can go to sleep at 8:15pm..

– Do you sleep so early too?

-No, I shoot a little more. We fell asleep around 8.45pm..

In the midst of that well-oiled routine, and from his car, talk to clarion of his return to television after the pandemic.

"I feel much more mature in front of the cameras, I no longer have the pressure to please," admits Paula, 38 and with three children.

“I feel much more mature in front of the cameras, I no longer have the pressure to please,” admits Paula, 38 and with three children.

“I was excited about this project, because It’s short: there are ten race broadcasts and then a final, which will surely be done on a Sunday. Total it is eleven days and which allows me to stay in the middle, while I continue with the theater and with my life, which is like everyone else’s”, understands the actress (also) who will resume work next month (June 9) A perfect plan.

At 38 she admits that “I feel much more mature in front of the cameras, I no longer have the pressure to please, liking, being obsessed with people who love me. The same, on TV I was always the same as at home, but before I was more aware of how they saw me or what they said”.

-Are you not so attentive to networks anymore?

I have a somewhat ambiguous relationship with networks social. I upload stuff, I have fans, but I don’t act on what they say about me. Also, you eventually realize that if you are aware of everything, You don’t have enough time for what’s really important, which is affection. I think that with the years, the experience and the children I was realizing the priorities.

Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves.  Movilpress credit.

Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves. Movilpress credit.

-You just said you had a life like anyone else’s. Do you say it and do it?

-I say this because I do it: I do what almost everyone does, I work, I go shopping, I run from here to there, I pick up the kids from school. I work in TV, yes, but I feel like I have a normal lifeand i like it that way.

Married with Peter Alphonsuswho met on the slopes of Marcelo Tinelli -he was the producer of his programs-, is mother of Olivia, 9, Baltazar, 6, and Filipa, who turns 3 4th July.

-How did it turn into TV?

-I was chatting with the people of Quarzo (the producer of service hatch, among other programs) a while ago and we were looking into options, but we didn’t have anything closed. And suddenly my manager called me to tell me about this proposal, limited in time and which I liked. The kitchen takes. And besides, I’m a fan of reality shows.

-Fans as audience or as presenter?

-As an audience, as a conductor and as a participant, why excellent m and the Dance They are reality shows too. I enjoy programs with competition. I feel that as viewers we need more entertainment for the whole family.

-I know you sleep at that time, but have you seen anything from “MasterChef”?

-Almost nothing, due to timing. Every now and then I see something free on the web. I’m a big fan of reality shows in general, so I try to watch something when I can.

-What was your favorite from “Big Brother”?

I really liked Nacho (he finished second), but I actually really liked the three finalists (Marcos, the winner, and Julieta, who finished third).

-And how are you in the kitchen?

-As a presenter I’m doing well, with an intermediate role between chef and celebrity, though every once in a while I get involved a little with the participantsI can’t stay away.

-And as a cook?

-Cooking is not my forte, but I defend myself. At home we like to eat healthy, we focus a lot on natural foods. I make soufflés, puddings… although I think today I’ll try something they made on TV: innards with mashed potatoes.

-Do you eat what is prepared there?

-Not all, the other day they made churros with gorgonzola and I passed by. Bring me the dulce de leche.

What will the program be like?

After two weeks of daily competition, the final will take place "on a Sunday", as Chaves imagines.  And you

After two weeks of daily competition, the final will take place “on a Sunday”, as Chaves imagines. And you’ll know which celebrity cooks better.

With a dynamic similar to that of the service hatch that Zampini drives, 16 celebrities will compete to be the best in the kitchenaccording to feedback from chefs Pablo Massey and Juan Gaffuri, who will taste through the serving hatch.

The celebrity version – that registration has already started, but the defining instance is still missing– has Aníbal Pachano, Geraldine “Gege” Neumann, Silvina Escudero, Sebastián Cobelli, Fernanda Vives, Ximena Capristo, Gabriel Oliveri, Gladys “La Bomba” Tucumana, Jorge “Carna” Crivelli, Evelyn Von Brocke, Sofía Macaggi, Maximiliano “Chanchi” Estévez, Yanina Screpante, Teresa Calandra, Evelyn Scheidl AND Cesare Juricich.

Every afternoon, Chaves will announce the recipe they will have to prepare and, who dares, will apply to do it. He will select four of them for the preparation of the day.

During each day, eight celebrities will cook, in two shifts of four. The head chef will be the chef Roberto Ottiniwho may be close to celebrities, unlike their colleagues on the judging panel, who will taste from the other side of the service hatch.

And, based on that, the competition is basting, between acceptances, doubts and returns of dishes. One participant per day will leave. But, for that, you have to wait for other El Trece burners to ignite and ignite. At this point on TV, there are more pots and pans than cameras. Thank you, Doña Petrona: you were the pioneer, bringing cooking to black and white TV in ’52.

Source: Clarin

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