The ‘time traveler’s’ disturbing prediction for this May 30: ‘They plan to take over the Earth’

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He says he is a “time traveler” who comes from the year 2671. His name is Eno Alaric and, from social networks, he usually says dramatic predictions.

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Now, from his TikTok account (@radianttimetraveler) he has once again raised alarms among his more than 466,000 followers with prophecies mostly catastrophic.

The disturbing prediction of the “time traveler” for this May 30th

In a post where he anticipated what It would happen in the months of May and June 2023 which once again became valid and had 2.3 million views, next predicted sighting of 150 UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) on May 30th.

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As he detailed from his account, these flying objects would belong to “The Distant”A alien race which has been preparing for some time conquer the planet Earth.

“May 30: There will be more than 150 UFO sightings, all belonging to The Distants, which They plan to conquer the Earthhe predicted in the message.

Of course, fortunately, his first prediction for these months – which ensured that May 15th would be a devastating tsunami on the west coast of the United States it did not materialise.

all of these implausible claims didn’t take long to go viral and generate all kinds of Comments about it: there are those who joke with their announcements, those who question them on scientific grounds and, of course, those who believe they are possible.

What are UFOs?

The term UFO refers to sightings of aerial phenomena not immediately explainable.

As indicated Timeat the end of April 2023, the US government reported that he was in the task of tracking down more than 650 cases potentials of unidentified aerial phenomena.

But while there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life, they still constitute a threat.

The term UFO refers to sightings of aerial phenomena that cannot be immediately explained.

The term UFO refers to sightings of aerial phenomena that cannot be immediately explained.

Second Sean Kirkpatrickdirector of the Department of Defense’s Office of All Domains Anomaly Resolution, sightings are concentrated in the Middle East and in the area of South China Seadetailed the media mentioned.

“THE UFO suppose a Danger for the flight safety and of collision for air assets, forcing aircraft operators to adjust their flight guidelines in response to their unauthorized presence in the airspace,” said a report released by ODNI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States.

In order to receive and analyze reports of such Unidentified Flying Objects, the The Pentagon has opened an officeTHE Office for Anomaly Resolution in all domains, and together with intelligence agencies, work to thoroughly evaluate this type of incident.

More “time traveler” predictions for the coming months

For the month of June, Eno Alaric, the “time traveler”, predicts a 9.5 magnitude earthquake which he says will open a major crack in San Andreas, Calif., on Monday the 14th.

On Wednesday 14, two days later, he prophetically indicates, only a small group of people would receive Superpowers coming from a stranger solar power.

Can you travel through time?

THE time travel in theory It could be possiblebut in a recent study, University of Maryland researchers Igor Smolyaninov and Yu-Ju Hung emphasized their repairs.

In this sense, the authors explained that time travel is practically impossible since then time cannot turn back on itself nor is it possible to undo events that have taken place or occurred in the past.

In theory, time travel could be possible, but science can't prove it yet.

In theory, time travel could be possible, but science can’t prove it yet.

Smolyaninov and Yu-Ju Hung supported this particles in the universe cannot go back in time.

However, scientists have accepted this the results are not conclusive and there should be more research before we are adamant on the matter.

Among other things, for this reason, very few believe that tiktoker Eno Alaric could be a real time traveler.

But as often happens in these cases, despite everything there are those who appreciate the content they upload and constantly remind the gullible that it’s just fun.

Source: Clarin

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