Pedro Alfonso explained that Paula Chaves’ relationship with Zaira Nara “is cold”

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Peter Alphonsus was interviewed in show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10:30) and talked about the distance between Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara.

The model and the ex Jacob von Plessen They have been close friends for many years, to the point that Zaira is the godmother of Filipa, one of the daughters that Paula has in common with the producer and actor. However, the relationship has stalled since Zaira started dating polo player Facundo Pieres, former host of famous service hatch (The Thirteen).

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Invited to the cycle led by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, Pedro has been consulted about this strained relationship his wife has with Zaira.

Pedro Alfonso spoke about the friendship between Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara.  Catch TV.

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Pedro Alfonso spoke about the friendship between Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara. Catch TV.

“The situation is cold…”Peter started with a laugh.

Even if he then became more serious and clarified that “Zaira is very loved in the family. It seems to me that it is something that is happening and that with time it will settle down”.

“I don’t get involved either. This is sincere, I don’t get involved”, he indicated. And he assured that he has not talked so much about the subject with his partner because he “It’s their problem.”

“I think it will be fixed”Peter then insisted.

Mery del Cerro, Zaira Nara and Paula Chaves, some time ago.  Catch TV.

Mery del Cerro, Zaira Nara and Paula Chaves, some time ago. Catch TV.

Furthermore, the actor has stated that he wouldn’t mind eating with Zaira and her latest boyfriend, Facundo Pieres, who was in a relationship with Chaves between 2008 and 2010.

“I wouldn’t fuck at all”he answered between laughter.

And he added: “We played football together with a farewell. We had to share a team and had the best vibes. The relationship between Paula and Facundo was in another life, it doesn’t bother me, zero. I feel great, it’s a phenomenon.”

Subsequently, the interviewee returned to refer to the bond between Zaira and Paula and maintained that it is only a matter of time before they can rebuild the friendship. “Everything is time, everything is settling. And sometimes this thing about, ‘They don’t see each other much together.’ But I take the example of my friends, it’s not like I meet every weekend with them,” he reflected.

“Paula sometimes doesn’t like what I say to her, of course. But in general, I always try to have peace.”he said when asked if he talks to his partner about this topic.

“But one thing is the conversation I can have with her one-on-one. I’m always on Paula’s side”Peter closed.

What Paula Chaves said about her relationship with Zaira Nara

Rumors began in November 2022 when various versions stated that, separated from the father of her children, Zaira Nara was forming a romantic relationship with the polo player Facundo Pieresex-boyfriend of her close friend, Paula Chaves.

Although Wanda’s sister and the driver initially denied, the distance between them became more than evident and it was Pedro Alfonso’s wife who confirmed it at the end of March.

“It’s okay, life itself… Sometimes it’s hard for me to deal with it so much and have to deny things. There was no confrontation but life passed and issues occurred that perhaps distanced us a littlePaula said inside Night Al Dente (America, Monday to Friday at 10pm).

And he added: “There’s a lot of affection, there’s a lot of love, there’s a very long friendship, but hey, Things have happened in life that didn’t make us share as much as beforebut I believe that there is love and friendship”.

Source: Clarin

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