Flavio Azzaro hit Santiago Maratea and the influencer responded with a low blow

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Flavio Azzarò he attacked violently Santi Marateawho several weeks ago directed a solidarity campaign to save Independiente, and the influencers Not only went out to answer him But mocked him and made it public with his 3.7 million followers instagram.

In detail, the sports journalist of avellaneda and staunch supporter of racing took advantage of the conspicuous absence of Maratea in their networks to post on their Facebook profile Chirping A controversial video discrediting him.

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Attentive to the repercussions that your statements have in the virtual world, the driver of The crazy and the sane he took a historic soccer song and added lyrics purely and exclusively for the chicane fans of Rojo in general and Santiago in particular.

“Maratea, Maratea, Maratea has been cancelled… he took all the money and screwed up Red…”intoned Azzaro from the privacy of his home and in front of his cell phone camera before posting that shot on Twitter alongside the following message: “The hit of 2023… #Maratea”.

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Flavio Azzaro and the harsh song against Santiago Maratea.

Flavio Azzaro and the harsh song against Santiago Maratea.

Hours later, the instagramer reappeared in his stories and responded furiously. After apologizing to his followers for disappearing “for six days,” he piqued: “I was with a journalist’s wife. He couldn’t tell you which one but the name starts with F equals”.

And immediately afterwards he added: “We bank on addiction, right? Commentators (saying) ‘Santi Maratea hasn’t uploaded stories for six days'”.

So him influencers He explained that he didn’t upload anything because he was busy and showed the video to the camera. Martin Fierro Digital Gold which was awarded last month as Influencers of the year.

“Rumours suggest I ran off with the money, or the money is missing or there is less, but the facts are We are at 15 million from 800 million”, he assured with his characteristic black humour. And, at the same time, he showed the screenshot of the official MercadoPago account where he collects the money.

“I don’t deny it Part of the reason I disappeared was because I became saturateda real saturated with the functioning of the media during the day and why Whatever I say they carry everywhere without concealment…”he continued to explain, a little annoyed.

Santi Maratea replied to Flavio Azzaro in an Instagram story.

Santi Maratea replied to Flavio Azzaro in an Instagram story.

“Saturated and all I started working in some bureaucracies of this collection”he went on to say and then disclosed his mathematical calculations to get the desired amount of money to cover his club’s debt.

Flavio Azzaro’s reaction to Santiago Maratea’s answer

“It appeared. But I see it doesn’t grow much, huh. We are reaching the month and more than 8,000,000,000 mangoes are missing as promised by Santu. He said in 5 weeks if he didn’t get it together it was a bust. Will it reach 1,000?”asked Azzaro on Twitter minutes after Maratea posted the aforementioned stories on Instagram.

Azzaro doesn't believe Maratea managed to raise the money needed to save Independiente.

Azzaro doesn’t believe Maratea managed to raise the money needed to save Independiente.

“The collections were like before, when you insulted people,” a follower reminded him. To which Flavio replied in clear reference to the Santiago campaign: “You know what happens, that the problem is the lie, not the collection. Successes with America. I think they come. Big kiss”, was the journalist’s emphatic response.

Source: Clarin

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