Maratea has revealed that it has activated the returns of Mercado Pago: how much does it collect?

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Santiago Maratea He reappeared on social media and updated the panorama of the collection he is carrying out at Independiente. Among the highlights, He revealed that he had activated Mercado Pago returns with a particular figure and also referred to overseas accounts and auctions.

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After a few days of absence and various rumors about the situation, Maratea published a series of stories on his Instagram account and explained how the fundraising of the Rossoneri fans is proceeding.

In the first place, he joked about the allegations of his disappearance from social networks in the last week. “I’ve been saturated by the mediabut I started working double within the collection (bureaucracy, organization, meetings, etc.),” ​​he wrote in a story.

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Then, it updated the status of the collection. How much was collected? $788,603,261. It also motivated donors to reach 800 million, the next goal.

The latest update of Maratea.

The latest update of Maratea.

returns activated

Also, he revealed that a few days ago he put the money to pay at Mercado Pagoe nearly six million pesos have already been generated. “Many people were pushing for this to happen. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.”he expressed.

Regarding returns, he explained that not all the money entered is working at the moment, since some transactions have yet to be confirmed: “It was not possible to invest all the money at once, I think that for now it has been invested 600 million”. The rest is under review to make sure all the money that comes in is justified and we know where it’s coming from. First all the transfers are reviewed and then it starts to bear fruit.”

“The other 186 million will start paying out in the next few days after each transfer has been reviewed”he added about it.

They have already put the money to work.

They have already put the money to work.

One user calculated how much money would have come in per day if he had invested all of the money in MP yields. How much would the daily earning be? $1,625,003. Tremendous.

Accounts abroad

“Bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy. We have been dealing with this problem since we started the collection. There are only a few days left before we can enable them. I want to confirm it now, but it is not possible yet. We have a meeting tomorrow“, the well-known influencer referred to the possible activation of donations from foreign accounts.

The auctions for the collection are coming up.  (GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ ADAMI)

The auctions for the collection are coming up. (GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ ADAMI)

the auctions

“We were organizing the auction theme this week. How do you do it? Does it really work? What can we auction? In what order do we auction? Tomorrow the auctions start with around 14 jerseys”I shoot.

He also showed a promotional video tagging several past and present players of the Avellaneda club who donated their jackets. Among them are Maxi Meza, Federico Mancuello, Rolfi Montenegro, Fabricio Bustos, Adrian Gabbarini, Nicolás Tagliafico, Martín Cauteruccio and Alan Velasco.

Source: Clarin

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