What happened at the court of Argentzuela after the scandalous cross between Diego Brancatelli and Paulo Kablan

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After starring in a strong crossover with Diego Brancatelli in Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 15.00), Paulo Cablanwho ended up leaving the studio and ranting against his partner in the networks, told the behind the scenes of said discussion and acknowledged in a friendly tone: “He apologized.”

In detail, the police expert reporter was consulted on this matter this Wednesday at the beginning of Barbarossa (Telephone, from Monday to Friday at 9.30). And, as expected, he tried to minimize the situation by saying that it had already happened and that it was “nothing”.

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“In the heat of the discussion one out there is wrong or not but well, try to tell a police story and basically we all do, when one finishes telling it, after everyone has their own opinionKablan started by saying.

And he continued: “In this case I felt that I was talking, talking, talking (about Brancatelli) and oh well, that’s enough… but everything is fine, He called me and apologised.

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Paulo Kablan spoke this Wednesday to "A la Barbarossa".  Television capture

Paulo Kablan spoke this Wednesday to “A la Barbarossa”. Television capture

Also, the speaker of the cycle led by Georgina Barbarossa justified his departure from the floor of Argentzuela saying that in what remained of the program “there were no more policemen”. “So I took and left”he launched amidst laughter.

“NO, I recognize that you left warm “got through Nancy Pazos, its partner in the Telefe cycle. To which the police expert replied: “Totally yes, of course, but nothing happened”.

And after a short break, the reporter sat alone with Georgina in the living room. AS, He said that in C5N he works with total freedom of expression and after seeing the ribbon of his cross with Brancatelli, he acknowledged that he loved his partner.

“It’s true that I got angry in court but I have to say Branca is a good boy. She took me out, you can disagree and I warmed up in the cut,” she went on to say.

Georgina Barbarossa's panelist shared details of her fight on air on C5N.  Television capture

Georgina Barbarossa’s panelist shared details of her fight on air on C5N. Television capture

Pay attention to what your partner has said. Pia Shaw He exposed it and told what happened in the program cut, when he abruptly left the studio.

The journalist said he sat down at the C5N bar to have a coffee with one of the authorities in the meantime Argentzuela it was still on the air.

“It is not true. I didn’t drink coffee or go to bars. Something like that, but I was in another place,” Paulo denied with a laugh. And, seeing himself cornered by the information the reporter was handling, he acknowledged: “Clearly after what happened I was chatting but nothing happened.”

The hard fight between Paulo Kablan and Diego Brancatelli

Paulo Cablan AND Diego Brancatelli They staged a loud discussion on the air Argentzuela when they were discussing an act of precariousness in which a thief was killed by a plainclothes policeman at Moreno’s party.

Is that the police reporter assured that the case could very well be framed in the criminal law of personal defencewhile Brancatelli thought the opposite: “There are those who are in favor of the police acting like this and others who believe that there is a Constitution”.

“We’re debating whether or not this is a crime. This isn’t a religion. It’s the law!” Kablan crossed him. “It’s a matter of life sentences”, said the journalist linked to Kirchnerism. Annoyed, Kablan retorted: “It’s a matter of self-defense, not which country we want. There is no discussion.”

“Let me argue if we think differently”Brancatelli insists. To which his companion, indignant at the situation, replied beside himself: “Invent a country”.

After that, Kablan refused to appear in the last block of the show and, to make matters worse, lashed out at Twitter, writing: “Why wasn’t I on the last block on C5N? Out of respect for the channel and the fan companions. I cannot tolerate disrespect from any unprepared rude“.

Source: Clarin

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