Amid heartbreaking tears, María Fernanda Callejón crossed paths with her ex

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Maria Fernanda Callejón she answered through tears and broken with pain a Ricky Diottoher former partner and father of her only daughter, Joannawhich he denounced days ago in Justice for the crimes of gender-based violence and threats.

Following the viralization of a controversial dentist audio of him, and its subsequent spread on social networks in which he denied having attacked a woman in his life, Callejón aired on us in the morning (El Trece, at 9) to tell his truth.

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“I am as I can and I don’t know how far I can speak because I have a precaution… I have chosen not to speak until now because up until the last moment I was saying with martinfrancesco (his lawyer) whether he had to do it or not this denunciation which for me is also a shame“, began by saying the C5N speaker in telephone communication with Joaquín chicken Álvarez.

And followed: “Whether he put a legal or precautionary muzzle on me to shut up seems like a lot to me, and being him, the one who captured the media from the first minute, it was him after Karina Iavícoli…”.

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Callejón sent an audio to Pollo Álvarez.  Television capture

Callejón sent an audio to Pollo Álvarez. Television capture

“I told you a thousand times I wasn’t ready to talk, but I’m already… I’m tired of things being said and people judging me and telling me I don’t think about my daughter. Precisely because I think of my daughter, a woman, is that I defend this situation tooth and nail like a lioness”, added the speaker of Hard to tame (C5N, at 21:30) in the midst of a crying fit.

in the air of us in the morningcontinued to say through tears, and with the voice, the former lookout broken in painthat her ex hurt her not only personally, but also financially.

“I’m exhausted from covering so many hips, because it blocked me on all sides. It broke me financially, it hurt me in every way, It’s a lie that I don’t pay, I pay everything that corresponds to me. And my daughter lacks absolutely nothing,” she said about it.

Ricky Diotto, cried in a video he uploaded to his Instagram account.

Ricky Diotto, cried in a video he uploaded to his Instagram account.

And she closed in anguish: “I saved up and kept silent all these situations that I have naturalized for years and still have not been able to process. And, when I made the decision to separate, there was not a single trigger.”

“I didn’t care about (Diotto’s) infidelity, what struck me about that chat, which I also presented to justiceis when he says to that girl “I’m not leaving because this house is mine,” revealed María Fernanda.

And he concluded: “I’m working a little, a lot, good or bad, because I have to feed my daughter because the man paid two installments of temporary alimony of 45,000 pesos in one year.”

The strong release of Ricky Diotto

After a controversial audio of him assaulting his ex-wife goes viral, Ricky Diotto He uploaded a video to his networks assuring that he has never used gender-based violence in his life.

“First of all, I wanted to tell you I’m so embarrassed to have to make this video Because there are things that should have remained private forever and having to go out and clarify many things to defend myself seems very bad to me,” Giovanna’s father began.

And he said, “I’m a good guy, crazy. I swear on my life, and anything, that I’ve never raised my hand to a woman, ever. Never. I don’t need to clarify that too because I’m not like that,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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