He reveals he discovered the orange juice recipe on a trip to Italy, and the nets explode: “Is this true?”

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We know: voyage is the most effective way to discover new cultures, customs and ways of life. When we visit a new country, we learn lessons and anecdotes that we later share with friends and family.

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Therefore, the user @haileydrewpolk wanted to share with his followers on TikTok one of the things that struck him the most about his I travel to italy.

The young American is giving a lot to talk about on that social network with one of her own latest videos…why? Why claims to have discovered orange juice in the country you visited.

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And, to his surprise, the juice does not come directly from a bottle or carton.

On TikTok: Says he’s discovered the “recipe” for orange juice

“Surprised by Discovery”

This is how this user claims to be. Is that according to her account of her in the video, she was amazed when she saw that the waiters they squeezed oranges to serve him the juice. “I didn’t know it was that easy,” she says.

In Italy, the user discovered that orange juice doesn't come out of a carton or bottle.  Photo: Video Capture/@haileydrewpolk

In Italy, the user discovered that orange juice doesn’t come out of a carton or bottle. Photo: Video Capture/@haileydrewpolk

“A tutorial for his followers”

Enthusiastic about the idea @haileydrewpolk He made a tutorial to explain his recipe. “The most beautiful and simplest trick. There is nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice. I am trying to make healthier changes in my life and this is too easy”write in the description.

Then it details that the file juicer cost about $20, oranges 5e show how it’s done. something it reaches after a first failed attempt.

in numbers

The original video in Tick ​​tock sum more than 725,000 playsas well as 61,000 likes and 2,700 comments.

Most of them, laughing and joking about their discovery. The clip also hit Twitter, where it also got more views and caused a multitude of reactions.

most important comments

“Is this true? I can’t believe it,” one follower commented; “When he finds out he can make lemonade too…”; added another.

“Tomorrow I’ll make a video where I explain how to get water directly from the tap without using plastic bottles” and “Imagine when I find out that you can also suck juice directly from fruit”, added others amused.

More “travelling” reactions on TikTok

two tourists Americans for those who travel Argentinavisited a restaurant in San Telmo to try the house specialty: the famous grilled.

The men were amazed by the low cost of food and shared their experience in Tick ​​tock, where they displayed the dollar value of their order. “We were really surprised how cheap everything was,” said one of the visitors in the video.

The order included a roast, a bottle of wine and a tiramisu for dessert. The video is shot viral on social mediawith many users sharing their amazement for how much does it cost to eat in Argentina for foreigners.

Chris is a traveler he uses Tik Tok and Instagram to share their experiences and adventures around the world.

Your goal is visit all the countries of the world, and so far he has managed to cover 154 out of 197. The man did not want to miss the opportunity to try the famous Argentine barbecue, and was pleasantly surprised by the Excellent value for money.

Source: Clarin

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