Scandal: The reasons Alexis Puig’s new wife fled the wedding

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a real scandal had lived in the civil register of the Chacarita neighborhood, of the City of Buenos Aires, when Alexis Puig married Luciana Mendez, his girlfriend 16 years his junior. Given that minutes after signing the documents, the brand new wife of the reporter left the place very angry.

In intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1pm) gave details of the shocking episode they witnessed in the midst of what should be a day of love and celebration. The notary Gonzalo Vázquez, who covered the event, He was on the ground to tell what happened with the cinema and entertainment journalist couple.

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According to Vázquez’s versions, He The conflict with Méndez began when he saw that the media had permission to enter the civil registry room. where the wedding and union between her and Puig took place. The American program panel were surprised by this reaction since, according to them, it’s the couple that gives that permission to cell phones.

Alexis Puig and his girlfriend got married, even though she was reportedly shocked by the media coverage.  Photo: Movilpress

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Alexis Puig and his girlfriend got married, even though she was reportedly shocked by the media coverage. Photo: Movilpress

Another thing that would have annoyed the bride was that they took notes for the guestswho, according to the movilero, were at ease and well prepared to speak with those who went to cover the celebration.

The first interviewee was Alexis’ eldest daughter, who said: “It was exciting, it was nice to share it with my sisters, they love each other and it’s very nice, as long as he is happy and Lu is happy too because we love them, everything is perfect”.

Then Méndez’s mother said: “The only thing I hope for my children is that they are happy, whether with Alexis or with another, but I have seen my daughter so happy that it was enough for me”.

Regarding that moment, Vázquez revealed: “When I talk to mom, Alexis takes it off the card at her girlfriend’s request.”

For his part, the recipient’s brother said of the couple: “They are like two soulmates, they get along very well, I am very proud, it is the pride of the family, now it is in the media” Gonzalo recalled this exchange was interrupted by the bride herself: “Brother kindly gives me the note and it’s in the note He hears her say we’re going to crash the party and say her family is crazy.”

On this, the notero clarified: “The family was much more politically correct than she waswho said a lot of barbaric things on Instagram”. “If you send the invitation it is because you want there to be media coverage”Maite Peñoñori specified, stunned by the couple’s reaction.

When they spoke to Alexis about his wife’s reaction, he explained: “She’s a little nervous. She’s gotten nervous from all the cameras because she’s not used to bullying. She’s felt overwhelmed. Everything is super cool.”

“It happened to her and I understand it, just that she had to deal with a lot of things, from the notes, from the media. I don’t like being in the media like this, I like being in the media because they talk about my work, not my life”indicated.

“It’s a new stage in my life, I won’t talk about the past anymore, I said what I had to saywho wants to see what he wants to see, who wants to hear what he hears,” Puig said of the criticism he received from his ex-wife, Lola Cordero, to whom he was married for 19 years.

The post of the new wife of Alexis Puig against “Intruders”

In the American cycle they revealed a story that Luciana Méndez uploaded to her Instagram on the same day as her wedding to criticize said program’s coverage. “Bride in Crisis”he laughed at the title of the note about his marriage.

Alexis Puig's brand new wife posting against Intruders.  instagram

Alexis Puig’s brand new wife posting against Intruders. instagram

“The crisis was walking into the room and having a lot of cameras around the judge, making noises during the ceremony and harassing my family when he left”detailed in the aforementioned social network.

In the classic show program they insisted that if they were allowed into the room it was because they were allowed to. “Let me ask her husband,” Laura Ubfal insinuated, suggesting that there must have been some sort of lack of coordination between him and his new wife.

Source: Clarin

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