Tina Turner has died: the rare character she created for films and who causes nostalgia in those who remember her

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Tina Turner has passed away at the age of 83. The American artist has not only left us a lot of music, but also a very particular cinematic character.

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Perhaps not everyone remembers that Tina Turner is the villain of Mad Max 3 (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome). in the movie of George Miller he has been playing since 1985 Aunt Entity (Aunt Mistress)a warrior who acts as an obstacle for Max from Mel Gibson.

Turner was 46 when Mad Max 3 hit theaters. The final result of the film was good – critics and audiences supported it. She, however, was reticent about her own performance. Some things he liked, others not.

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The official poster of the film, with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner.

The official poster of the film, with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner.

The strange thing is that Mad Max is one of the few forays Turner has made into fictional cinema. No doubt, Aunt Ama is the most relevant character she has ever played in her life.

When George Miller called her, she had very little (if any) experience in the seventh art. The Australian director and her co-writer wrote the script with her in mind after seeing her in a British interview and being moved by her charisma.

Tina in Mad Max 3.

Tina in Mad Max 3.

A post apocalyptic look

The character’s appearance is in keeping with the post-apocalyptic futuristic aesthetic of the entire Mad Max saga.

The costumes Norma Moriceau designed for her and the blonde wig she wore (later shaved bald) transformed Tía Ama into a completely exotic character. After her, other musical figures, such as David Bowie AND Dearthey started dabbling seriously in Hollywood.

His chain mail weighed about 30 kilograms and was made of welded materials: dog muzzles, butcher’s aprons and wire mesh.

The plot of Mad Max is as crazy as that of the previous two films: after a nuclear catastrophe, Max crosses a desert where he loses his caravan of camels. He arrives in a city where they offer to change them in exchange for attacking the villain of the underground city, a dwarf who makes methane gas from pig feces.

Turner driving one of the franchise's signature vehicles.

Turner driving one of the franchise’s signature vehicles.

The character who rules the trading post Max goes to is Aunt Mistress, a corrupt female warrior who guides through reason and persuasion.

On the set, Miller responded – not without fear – to Tina’s desire to do stunts with the cars typical of the saga, so I know yes, it can be said that in several scenes the singer drives her own vehicle. Sure: Production had to convert Tina’s car to an automatic because she wasn’t good with modifications.

Tina and a minion in Mad Max 3.

Tina and a minion in Mad Max 3.

Mad Max’s voice

The singer didn’t just put her body in the film. She also put her voice in it.

Turner recorded two songs for Mad Max 3, “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)” AND “One of the Living”which were very successful in the 80s.

One is heard in the opening credits (“One of the Living”); the other (“We Don’t Need Another Hero” was released before the film, becoming a worldwide hit in mid-85.


Researching what audiences thought on Twitter about Tina in Mad Max, we realized that many viewers retained her characterization in the film in their retinas.

“I didn’t remember Tina Turner until I remembered she was the aunt entity in Mad Max 3,” one person wrote.

“That’s how you know music was so good back in the day and movies too… because I remember her in that sweater dress from the movie Mad Max,” wrote another.

A third added, “Goodbye, Tina Turner. I will remember you for your beautiful songs and for one movie: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985).”

Source: Clarin

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