Khea: The idol rapper of a generation who beat depression and released a record

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It’s not by chance. It is not and has not been a success. Much less a passing fad. Urban music is here to stay and its references will stay with it. kheathat boy who at only 13 was already participating in the rap battles in the squares of Buenos Aires and dreamed one day of being heard by someone other than his group of friends and family, assumed, almost unconsciously, the place of movement that marked a whole generation.

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Today, the singer who brought Argentina to the top of the Latin trap in 2017, along with artists such as Duki and Cazzu (among others), has relaunched his career. The thing is after going a year without going on stage to provide their shows, Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue, better known as Khea, He defeats depression and publishes “Serotonin”, his first album.

Khea a Lollapalooza.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

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Khea a Lollapalooza. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

“Serotonin is learning to feel emotions. Before, I didn’t know how to listen to my emotions well and I let myself be guided more by what my head told me. So when you really stop to meditate and learn to listen to your body, you realize that emotions are everything.”entrusted to clarion before the release of his album.

This album reflects all the emotional processes and situations that the 23-year-old singer has gone through throughout his life. Khea, through the 13 songs that his new work has, illustrates emotions and vulnerability in facing the intense reality of existence, often combined with depression.

Serotonin, Khea's first album

Serotonin, Khea’s first album

But Serotonina isn’t just for those who stuck with the 2017 Khea that blew up bowling alleys to the beat of She Don’t Give a Fuck or Loca, indeed. This CD combines his edgy songwriting with pop, alternative rock, salsa, amapiano, reggaeton and bachata.

“I think I still manage the essence. I know when one of my songs comes out they say “it’s Khea”, but probably the concepts and the way of writing have changed. I won’t talk about partying anymore because it’s not my lifestyle. In 2017 my life was all about it, parties and all that that entails, ha. I feel I’m much more mature,” the artist said of his maturation as a musician.

The Million Dollar Question: Why Serotonin?

The name of the album surprised locals and strangers alike. Serotonin is not a word that is used often in everyday life, much less in the rap or trap scene. However: why that name? what does it mean and what does it have to do with it?

Faced with these questions, Khea replied, “The album has that name because Serotonin is the happiness hormone, and I think the whole album is a process of finding and being happy with much simpler things than the success that everyone knows, like fame and money.”.

“The idea is to look for a much simpler success that is really filling. I realized that I had to do things to feel good, so that my serotonin was good,” the artist concluded in reflection.

Your favorite songs from the album

Although Serotonina has 13 tracks, these vary between romantic settings such as Con un beso, Efecto y, reggaeton theme, Feeling, and the combination of genres such as salsa (Without a heart), bachata (How I love you) or amapiano. , genre born in South Africa (I Never Go Alone, with Milo J). Khea chose her favorite subjects of hers.

“I have four favorite songs from this album: RCP, Sin Corazón, Para Amarte a Ti and Eclipse. I love how they came out, what they convey and the piece of music that came together. They make me fly”, ranked for clarion.

The Serotonin Tracklist

The Serotonin Tracklist

Your emotions and your present

The fight against his inner demons made Khea walk away from the stage and even stop releasing songs as often as he used to. Today, fortunately, the artist has managed to make a 180-degree turn and his disappearance is totally different.

Concentrated on himself, the musician says: “Today I am very concentrated. I’m very good, I am very satisfied with the album and the new concepts that I was acquiring in these processes for my life”.

Khea during Movistar Fri music in Pinamar.  Photo Ferdinand of the Order

Khea during Movistar Fri music in Pinamar. Photo Ferdinand of the Order

Little things are coming

Even if the artist did not say clarion which artists are you planning to collaborate with in the near future, yes He announced that he will be back on stage and playing live after a year.

“I already have future collaborations, but I can’t say anything. Something very beautiful is coming. I would love to play and be back on stage this year”anticipated.

“Depression is the inability to build a future for yourself,” said the American psychologist Rollo May, a pioneer of existential psychology and psychotherapy in America. Today that longed-for future in a successful company is coming to Khea, who fought and was able to face the thousand inner demons of her.

Now he’ll just have to do what makes him happy: sing.

Source: Clarin

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