A rapper posted fake photos of Rosalía naked and the singer made a forceful defense: ‘A woman’s body is not public property’

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JC Reyesa popular Spanish rapper, has posted a series of pictures in which she was seen naked Rosalia. However, the photos were fake and the Spanish singer made a strong discharge in their social networks.

It all started when Juan Manuel Cortés Reyes, which is the artist’s real name, hinted in a live broadcast he did on his Instagram account that he had a relationship with the interpreter of get rid of

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Not only was it not true, but He shared manipulated and edited images saying that Rosalía had sent them to him.

Rosalía expressed herself on the matter on Twitter.

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Rosalía expressed herself on the matter on Twitter.

The singer’s fans erupted. For example, in an account on the aforementioned social network they stated that “what this man does has a name: defamation. These photos have been edited in order to damage his reputation and gain fame through it. I hope legal action will be taken, as defamation is a criminal offence.”

But it didn’t stop there, it was The same Rosalía who defended herself on the nets social network, where he accumulates millions of followers, and said so I felt disgust and pity for what happened.

“Taking power (influence) by disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence and it is disgusting. But do it for four more plays, what he gives is shame”he first wrote on Twitter.

Rosalía's download on Twitter.

Rosalía’s download on Twitter.

JC Reyes, in turn, continued to talk about the subject on Instagram, where he explained that the images were modified with Photoshop: “To the women who tell me what I do or that I suck… The girl only sees her cleavage. Respect. She’s photoshopped.”

A few hours later, Rosalía referred to the topic again and, on the bird’s social network He released a strong defense in which he shot the rapper and spoke about consent and respect.

“A woman’s body is not public property, it is not a commodity for your marketing strategy”began to write the singer.

JC Reyes, the rapper who posted fake photos of Rosalía.  Instagram photos.

JC Reyes, the rapper who posted fake photos of Rosalía. Instagram photos.

and he assured it “Those photos were doctored and you created a false narrative when I didn’t even know you.”

“There is something called consent and all of you who have found this amusing or plausible I sincerely hope that one day you will learn that you are from a woman, that women are sacred and that we are to be respected. HI”condemned Rosalía, shocked by what happened.

The singer’s tweet was quickly filled with messages from her fans who showed her all their support.

“That character deserves no one’s attention after committing such an atrocity, using a woman’s body, in this case yours, to try to make her name more heard, they are people with no heart or empathy for women, we love you Rosi”, commented a user.

“Rosalía, we people with heads support you, people like that person will never learn, they like women for what they want…”wrote another. “I love you very much and the only thing I want is for you to take legal action and not give another identity to that boy who has already gotten what he wanted,” asked a woman.

Lali Espósito shared the release of Rosalía.  Capture Instagram.

Lali Espósito shared the release of Rosalía. Capture Instagram.

Lali Esposito He supported the singer and shared a video of the news in a story on Instagram, where he has 12 million followers. “Horror”she wrote next to the pictures.

On another plate, the Argentine showed a capture of Rosalía’s release and added a heart emoji.

Source: Clarin

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