Guillermo Francella has already said no, but Santiago Maratea insisted that the actor contribute to his collection

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hand in hand Santiago MarateaIndependiente are on a mission to raise as much money as possible to pay off some of their most important debts and many fans from other clubs have decided to contribute to the cause.

But not everyone sees it the same way: William Francellaracing enthusiast, recognized that he would not have collaborated in the collection.

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The actor explained that the behavior of the red fans all these years does not motivate him to help. “They tortured us all our lives”he assured in dialogue with TNT Sports.

Although today the clubs live in very different realities, Francella does not forgive. “I would not donate to Independiente. We live what we live in that moment and they hurt us a lotmany accusations,” he said, recalling the bad times for Racing.

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Guillermo Francella has already said he won't donate, but Maratea insists.

Guillermo Francella has already said he won’t donate, but Maratea insists.

Far from enjoying his rival’s difficult present, the actor does not forgive the chicanes of the past. “We never had weight in the AFA and everyone knows it. We were laughed at by them and I don’t like that it makes us feel good now with them,” he said.

Although she acknowledged that she would not help Independiente financially, Francella observed this It does not celebrate the institutional and football moment that its classic rival is going through.

“I don’t like this gift from Independent, that they are suffering so because of the misconduct they have had. I suffered a lot with Racing which reached that situation also due to bad management. the truth that It makes me very sad to see Independiente like this”He explained.

Santiago Maratea insists and wants Guillermo Francella to contribute to the collection for Independiente

Santiago Maratea asked Guillermo Francella for money for the collection for Independiente.

Santiago Maratea asked Guillermo Francella for money for the collection for Independiente.

However, the influencer who became aware of the actor’s statements did not give up. On his Instagram account, where he has more than 3.7 million followers, he shared a video in story format with a request for Francella. “Could we send this story to Francella? He’s a total idol, I love him. I don’t know him, mind you, I’ve never spoken in my life, but I like him”started Maratea.

“He said he wouldn’t contribute to this collection, but, man, 80 pesos… deny me 80 pesos?”continued Maratea, who shared a link for those wishing to collaborate with a minimum contribution.

Also on Instagram, after a few days without posting, Maratea updated the status of the collection. How much was collected? $788,603,261. And it has motivated donors to reach 800 million, the next goal.

Also, he revealed it a few days ago He put the money to pay in Mercado Pago and nearly six million pesos have already been generated. “A lot of people were pushing for this to happen. It wasn’t that easy, but we did it,” she said.

Source: Clarin

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