Mhoni Vidente reveals a love ritual to get married or find the ideal partner

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How beautiful it is to feel loved, desired. It is, surely, what we all look for in our lives… But we don’t find it often. For deal with this feeling of lonelinessMhoni Vidente shared a powerful ritual to get married or find love.

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From her official YouTube account, the renowned astrologer and tarot reader leaves a video for whom Feel lonelywho hears it your partner leaves of their life or for those who feel they are not progressing or have a lot bad vibes around.

This ritual serves to capture the couple; feeling highly wanted or wanted; and most importantly, so that we can meet (or capture) the love of our life.

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Seer Mhoni leaves us a powerful love ritual.  Photo: @mhonividente

Seer Mhoni leaves us a powerful love ritual. Photo: @mhonividente

Mhoni Vidente’s love ritual: the necessary elements

  • Candle or honey candle
  • Glass of water
  • patchouli incense
  • White sheet
  • Red pen
  • Matchsticks or wooden matches
  • a cinnamon stick
  • a one dollar bill
  • a glass goblet
  • Tequila, rum or mezcal
  • patchouli essence; essence of the macua bird; Pompeian lotion
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Natural or stuffed rose petals
  • 1 glass jar
The ritual can be performed any day of the week and is very effective in bringing love into our lives.  Photo: Shutterstock

The ritual can be performed any day of the week and is very effective in bringing love into our lives. Photo: Shutterstock

Mhoni Vidente love ritual: step by step how to do it

According to the astrologer and tarot reader, this ritual can be done any day of the week AND repeat as necessary until expected results.

First indicate Mhoni Seer, with the candle (or candle) we have to “sweep”. That is, pass the candle all over our body asking for it come love into our life or, if we already have a partner, asking him to come to us.

Then, the candle is placed on a plate lined with aluminum foil and ground cinnamon is placed all around it. According to the famous astrologer, this helps to tie more the person we want or love to enter our lives.

The candle is sprayed with patchouli essence, spotted bird essence and Pompeii lotion. The candle is surrounded by honey, rose petals and pieces of cinnamon sticks.

The dollar bill is sprayed with macua bird essence and patchouli essence and then we “sweep” ourselves with it, i.e. we rub it all over the body asking for love to come to us with abundance and stability. Then, we put the bill in the glass with water.

On the white sheet, we write the requests we want with the red pen (or pen). We put our full name, date of birth and everything we want in love: “I want a love compatible with me”For example.

If we already know who we want to enter our lives, we put that person’s name: “I want (name)…”. We end up writing: “So be it, so be it, and so it shall be.”

Mohni Seer indicates that we must fold the paper and place it under the candle or candle and everything must be sprayed again with the three essences.

We put a glass next to it and fill it with tequila, rum or mezcal which makes us attract love faster and more completely.

Patchouli incense is lit with wooden matches and then with the candle.

“When we turn it on, we ask all the Angels and all the Archangels for love to enter our lives, for stability, for that person we so much desire to come, to completely cut off the envy and betrayal of love”, details the famous astrologer.

Then we recite an Our Father and a Hail Mary and hold the candle with both hands thinking that love or that person we love comes from us.

Once the candle or candle is completely burnt out, we throw out the tequila, rum or mezcal. We take out the dollar bill and will always carry it in our purse or wallet, as well as the petition that will need to be burned when it is fulfilled.

All the rest: cinnamon, petals and honey, is collected in aluminum foil and placed in the linen drawer.

Second Mhoni Seer, Between the 9th and 13th day love will come or the person we love will come to us.

Source: Clarin

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