The Naras together at MasterChef: what will they do at Monday’s gala?

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Next won’t be another Monday at MasterChef (at 11pm, from Telefe). Far from the artistic routine that usually starts the week, reality It will not have “one less” (one participant leaves every Sunday), but “with someone more”. But that won’t be the only difference in that issue. It will be a family business.

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What this Monday 29, the presenter of the Telefe gastronomic contest will receive a visit from her sister: Wanda Nara will host Zairawhich will be in the studio, but will not follow in the footsteps of other invited figures, such as Mauro Icardi, Gastón Dalmau or Mariano Martínez.

The former driver of Morphiamong other programs, it won’t give slogans or tell secrets of their culinary specialties, but it will will cook directly with Wanda.

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The Monday team: Martitegui, Donato, Las Nara and Betular.

The Monday team: Martitegui, Donato, Las Nara and Betular.

As far as he could find out clarion before this Thursday evening the information is made public by the channel, they will participate in a surprise challenge that the jury will propose: the same for them as for the participants.

Which of the two will be the better cook?

We already know about Wanda that she is an apple pie specialist, who is taking courses in gastronomy and who loves preparing pasta and sauces, but what will Zaira be like in the kitchen? Not much is known about her: yes, perhaps we will verify what she has learned (or not) by watching her colleagues cook in the cycle conducted by Gerardo Rozín.

According to the recording, they will all be wearing canchero looks, without the solemnity or style of other galas: both the sisters and the jurors will wear jeans, many will be in sneakers and there will be more fun than other eveningsseasoned above all by the relationship of complicity between the Nara.

This Monday, how much Zaira knows about cooking will be revealed.  IG's photo

This Monday, how much Zaira knows about cooking will be revealed. IG’s photo

They will make jokes, tell some intimacy of their bond and also things about each other, in a different program.

It is that, furthermore, the team of direct participants in the final will be renewedthanks to the comebacks that take place on Sunday evening among those who will fight for their second chance in the most watched program on television.

This week was entirely dedicated to the repechage among the eight eliminated: on Monday the eight challenged each other, of which the jury chose two to move on to the Sunday gala (which instead of elimination will be reinstatement): they went as far as the balcony Antonio , who had lost on Sunday, and Carlos.

Revolving door for Antonio: Sunday left, Monday returned.  Will remain?

Revolving door for Antonio: Sunday left, Monday returned. Will remain?

The same dynamic occurred on Tuesday, but with the remaining six: and Emilio and Micaela went up. There was no program on Wednesday because Telefe was broadcasting the triumph of Deportivo Pereira against Boca for the Copa Libertadores And we will have to see what happens this Thursday 25, the day in which we know who will cook on Sunday to return to the official competition and join the eight unbeaten.

The jury, made up of Donato De Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, will define how many will have the opportunity to return to the competition, which will resume on Mondaya day in which Wanda will devote herself more to having fun with her sister and cooking than to containing the participants, as she was able to do in this contest.

Source: Clarin

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