The Congress of Peru declares the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “persona non grata”

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The National Congress of Peru declared Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador this Thursday as “ungrateful person” for his expressions against President Dina Boluarte, whom he defined as a “usurper” after refusing to hand over the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to her.

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The motion, which It was approved with 65 votes in favour, 40 against and two abstentions.he also urged the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Relations to “carry out the necessary actions to ensure that the president of Mexico does not enter the national territory”.

Lopéz Obrador deserved the rejection of the Peruvian parliamentarians for “the unacceptable statements (against Dina Boluarte), which once again constitute a violation of the principle of non-interference in matters that fall within the internal jurisdiction of another state”.

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“The problem here is that President Manuel López Obrador does not recognize President Boluarte, our Congress and He doesn’t want to give us the presidency pro tempore of the Pacific Alliance,” right-wing MP María del Carmen Alva, who tabled the motion, said on Thursday.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte.  AP Photo

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte. AP Photo


On May 15, the Mexican dignitary fueled the diplomatic war he has been waging against Boluarte since the dismissal of the leftist Pedro Castillo last December.

“I can’t give you anything because you are not legally and legitimately president of Peru for us,” López Obrador said at the time during a press conference, reiterating that he will not transfer the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to Peru.

“We can deliver it to Chile, Colombia and show them what they’re doing, but this lady, with all due respect, a usurper, expelled our ambassador from Peru”He added.

Mexico defends Castillo, claiming he is the “legitimate” president of Peru. Last December he gave asylum to the wife and two minor children of the former Peruvian president.

López Obrador is the second president that the Peruvian Congress, controlled by a right-wing majority, He’s put his finger down so far this year.

Last February the Colombian Gustavo Petro was declared “persona non grata” for making similarities between the Peruvian police and Nazi troops.

Since Boluarte came to power last December, Peruvian diplomacy has had several frictions with the governments of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

Pedro Castillo, a leftist teacher, has been detained in Peru since December 7, accused of rebellion after trying to dissolve Congress and rule by decree. He is serving pre-trial detention until December 2025.

Source: Clarin

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