Taylor Swift releases a deluxe version of her latest album

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Taylor Swift announced a new deluxe edition of his album midnightnow titled Midnight: until dawnwhich will be attended by Ice spices as its guest in a new version of Karma, and will have lead vocals just (re)recorded by King’s wool in his almost permanent collaboration with the theme snow on the beach.

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The digital and physical editions will have an exclusive track for each format. For digital release, it will come Different shotsa song that was previously only available on vinyl From midnight. More interesting for fans, it should be noted that the physical edition – CD and vinyl – will contain a track of timenever heard before in the sessions of Midnight.

The new song by luxury albums It is entitled You are losing mewhose title will obviously make fans go crazy long before they even hear it for the first time.

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Taylor Swift with her iHeart Awards 2023. IG Photo

Taylor Swift with her iHeart Awards 2023. IG Photo

The fans, in their presentation at New Jersey stadium -this Friday afternoon-, will have the first opportunity to access the launchwhen the goods are there for the first time within everyone’s reach.

The return of Lana Del Rey

As for King’s woolthe girl returned to the studio to record new and better vocals in the hit Snow on the beach. “Honestly, I consider myself a huge admirer of this brilliant artist. After meeting her I can only confirm one thing: She is the only one“, Swift wrote on her social networks.

Lana Del Rey, again with Taylor Swift.  Reuters.

Lana Del Rey, again with Taylor Swift. Reuters.

Snow on the beach it is the fourth track on the album midnight by Taylor Swift (2022), a song that has already had the collaboration and soft grunge of Lana del Rey. The success was composed of both: “It’s about falling in love with someone at the same time that he falls in love with you.”

Taylor added of her other special guest: “I’m happy to say that too Karma, with the incredible Ice Spice, it will also be part of the new deluxe album.” The singer added, “Aside Karma Ft Ice SpiceLana and I went back to the studio specifically to record more of Lana’s vocals snow on the beach. i love you wool“.

Isis Naija Gastonartistically known as Ice Spice, is an American rapper who grew up in the Bronx and started his career recently in 2021 after meeting the record producer RiotUSA while she was a student at the State University of New York at Purchase.

But the important thing here is that the “Swiftmania” does not stop his car infernal: a few days ago, the weak blonde showed up at the Gilette Stadium from Massachusetts. The anecdote is that the recital went well and was not canceled despite the Biblical flood. The show went into encores and ended with cheers and cheers. “Everything was between the emotional and the epic,” one read of the concert.

The fact is that an “entrepreneur” of those who know opportunities and challenges He collected gallons and gallons of rain from that recital and started marketing the packaged drops via Facebook: To Taylor Swift’s wet rain… cheap rain… How much does it cost? “$250” (oops!). Obviously there were fans – and Taylor’s are very, very passionate – who bought.

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