Camila Homs joined Bailando and Moria Casán welcomed her with a lapidary comment

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In the last few hours it has been known that Camila Homs will be one of the participants in the new edition of dance, which will be seen very soon on the American screen. Moria Casanwho will be on the jury together with Marcelo Polino, Carolina Pampita Ardohaín and Ángel de Brito, echoed the news and He fired everything at the media on his Twitter.

“As for the confirmed ex-participant of Tini’s current one, I suggest bringing a spray bottle with previously boiled water and vinegar, which is a powerful degreaser”he began by writing La One on the bird’s social network, recalling the relationship that Homs had with Rodrigo De Paul.

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And, with his particular style, Moria continued in his post: “And spray yourself with it before or after your usual perfume, which I assume is from the free shop if you’ve used it.”

Moria Casan shot Camila Homs.  Chirping.

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Moria Casan shot Camila Homs. Chirping.

Although the diva deleted the message, I can’t stop it from going viral, since from the official account of THEY (America, Monday-Friday 8pm) shared a screenshot.

“He Died Shooting Down Cami Homs”wrote next to the picture which caused many users to criticize the former lookout for his sayings.

“Why so much aggression?? I don’t understand… Is this how they will treat the participants…??? how ugly”, “I see that the program won’t be seen, I don’t like it when they attack people for free”, “That’s why people don’t care about Dancing. This type of television was. Enough of gratuitous aggression”, “That’s not breaking down, it’s gratuitous aggression… but hey”, “You who pride yourself on being a person who reinvents himself, talking like this it seems to live in the 90s. It’s not fun to attack”were some of the comments.

It should be remembered that this week it was Ángel de Brito who confirmed in his program that Rodrigo De Paul’s ex is confirmed for the dance contest hosted by Marcelo Tinelli.

De Brito explained that at first Homs had not accepted the proposal due to the hourly load of the cycle, because, separated from the national team player, she devoted herself completely to taking care of her two children and modeling.

“Confirmed Cami Homs in Dancing 2023. It had been lowered due to the hourly load,” said the rider in the cycle América.

“They gave him less rehearsal minutes and he was able to accept this challenge”underlined De Brito, who also reported that Juli Castro (daughter of Momi Giardina) and Anabel Sánchez, the model who went viral on the net for her casting for Vogue magazine, will be in Dancing.

What had Camila Homs said about the Dance

A few days ago, talking to the reporter of THEY (America), Camila Homs assured that she had rejected the proposal for the production of Dancing and explained the reasons.

“I met, but for now I have decided that I will not be in Ballando. I felt it was a lot of work, a lot of physical and mental load. Right now, I’m not ready for that.”model recognized.

Cami homs assured that she refused to go to the "Dancing".  Catch TV.

Cami homs assured that she refused to go to the “Dancing”. Catch TV.

Although he clarified: “I don’t close the doors. I’m not ruling it out for the future, but today I feel like I’m not. TO I regret the best because I know it’s an incredible experience”.

“I talked to a lot of people because I had a really hard time making the decision. A lot of people pushed me forward, told me I had to live it, but I feel that right now I’m not ready”kept.

“I am still grateful to the production because it opened doors for me and gave me everything to please me. But no,” he told her. Finally Homs has changed his mind and will be on the dance floor.

Source: Clarin

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