Martina of Big Brother told who is the woman who filmed her in bed with her boyfriend and assured: “It makes me very disgusted”

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Martina Stewart-Usherbetter known as Martina de Big Brotherbroke the silence on the controversial video in an apparent sexual threesome with her boyfriend, Uriel Martiniand another woman, who went viral this Thursday afternoon.

Although the former participant of the aforementioned reality show had already given a brief explanation about it, this Friday she was interviewed by Pamela David in the air of American breakfast (America, Monday-Friday at 10:30) and provided more details on the scandal in which she was involved.

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“This is a video clearly made by the girl. We had a barbecue at my house with friends. Kennys (Palacios) was there, my manager was there… The truth is that sometimes the exchanges come home and this time the owner brought him and As it was very late, and he had come from a very long way, I told him to come in and have a drink.“said the physical education teacher from the North Zone.

Martina of Big Brother spoke in the cycle of Pamela David.  Television capture

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Martina of Big Brother spoke in the cycle of Pamela David. Television capture

Martina, who as soon as said video leaked, said the woman who made it is “a psychiatrist” That he’s “sick in the head” and had entered her room without her consent, she recognized him that night she had been drinking with her boyfriend and when he fell asleep they went to sleep together.

“What I have is that when i’m tired or lousy because i’m home, i go to sleep and my friends already know that when they want to leave they close the house and they already know that dogs can’t leave, as I have that habit”, explained the second participant eliminated in the latest edition of GH.

And added: “I did it because they were all trustworthy, except that girl, And I went to sleep. And I don’t know, I saw that video the other day.” “It’s this girl Laura Puchetti?” churches Charles Monti. And after Stewart Usher’s statement, he continued: “Well, ask me a question. You were sleeping and she was the last one to stay in your house putting on a towel?”.

“I still don’t understand the video. It disgusts me a lot because I don’t know where he was in my house… because actually that one (because of the bedroom where he is seen sleeping) is upstairs and they tell me that they all left together. It’s not like he went last. I do not understand. He came up to do it, ”clarified the influencer.

Martina said it too did not contact Puchetti to ask for explanations e When Pamela asked him if he really had a threesome with the girl, Stewart Usher replied with a laugh: “But no… see if I’m going to have a threesome with how closed I am!”.

Martina and her boyfriend, Uriel.

Martina and her boyfriend, Uriel.

Finally, the former GH said her boyfriend was just as surprised as she was, and that this Laura hadn’t gone up to her room with her, but had stayed downstairs for a drink with her friends. “This girl clearly does it on purpose and obviously does it to filter it”he concluded.

Hours before speaking on America, Martina said on TN screen: “Mine is sick in the head. This psychiatrist entered my room, I don’t know what the hell”, thus divulging the same version that he gave this Friday American breakfast.

Source: Clarin

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