Dani La Chepi has broken his silence after raising concern in the networks

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Daniela Viaggiamaripopularly known as Dani LaChepihe broke his silence after the concern he generated on social networks and, in a message he sent to panache angel He assured that he is going through a moment of stress.

At the end of April, the comedian had been on the program that Fernando Dento drive across the screen of America, Night Al Denteanyway a few days later he stopped giving signals on his Instagram accountwhere he amasses more than four million followers.

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It should be noted that Dani usually shares content daily on her profile and her sudden disappearance has alerted her followers. Chepi echoed the messages that reached him in mid-May released a statement in a story on the aforementioned social network that generated even more concern.

Dani La Chepi alerted his followers with a message.  Instagram.

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Dani La Chepi alerted his followers with a message. Instagram.

“Hello everyone, thank you very much for all the messages that are coming to me. I have personal problems, that’s why I disappeared for a few days. Until we meet again. Thank you,” Isabella’s mom wrote.

He was now the driver of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8pm) who said they contacted the influencers and read the message she sent him a few weeks ago on the air.

They asked me a lot about Dani, everyone asks us, because she disappeared from the networks a bit. It was recently with Fernando Dente and they made a very nice program,” De Brito began.

Then, he said he had decided to contact Daniela and that she explained that she is going through “a moment of very strong stress” which would lead her to move away for a while.

Furthermore, he hinted that he had some personal problem that would have triggered his malaise, although he did not provide further details.

Ángel de Brito spoke about Dani La Chepi.  Catch TV.

Ángel de Brito spoke about Dani La Chepi. Catch TV.

“I asked him because I have good vibes and He told me that he was going through a moment of very strong stress, which is why he had decided to disappear from the networks, which is his job. He uploads content and both what and theater are his sources of income,” Ángel said.

Then, he expanded: “He told me: ‘I took a few days off because I’m done. I started feeling sick and my body asked me to stop, so I’m giving myself time to recover with doctors, exams. There are several personal issues that have been running through my mind. A tall quilombo that will pass’”.

The driver explained that “then, Dani decided to leave the exhibition and work to find some peace”.

The strong discharge that Dani La Chepi had made in his networks

Mid January Dani LaChepi He made a strong statement on social networks in which he was honest and assured that he made bad decisions.

“‘I hope I make it to 43 with that back’ (messages from teens following me). Others: ‘Yucky skinny!’… This “back” suffers from anxiety and has a hard time eating right which is why I have some drawbacks“, wrote the actress in an Instagram post.

And he continued: “We are used to coming in and seeing bodies that seem perfect, women who say ‘accepted as you are’ and don’t stop using filters. Houses that work well, people who make the right decisions, ‘parents present’ or perfect families they seem to have no problems…”

Dani La Chepi shared a strong defense.  Instagram.

Dani La Chepi shared a strong defense. Instagram.

“And you on the other side: ‘How lucky they are! How can they be so happy?’ Not everything you see is real. Social media sometimes frustrates you, makes you feel alone, suffer or have problems“, he mused.

He then remarked: “I started this year like an asshole. I made bad decisions. I have infected the nipple of my operated breast. Instead of going to the mastologist right away, I just called him when my gynecologist told me: ‘If he continues, go to him'”.

She also mentioned a problem with her nails and that she has started smoking again.

“Don’t get carried away with health problems. Remind them that as @cartanagabriel says ‘Life is one of lime and one of sand’. Therapy always helps to be better. The one you choose. If someone makes noise at you, give a ball to that noise,” he advised.

And he concluded by saying that the most important thing is to give yourself time to cry: “Women cry and bill as they can and want to. half full. I keep smiling because I know everything will be fine.”

Source: Clarin

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