Home Entertainment This is how Marcela Tinayre debuted as host of ‘Controversy in the bar’

This is how Marcela Tinayre debuted as host of ‘Controversy in the bar’

This is how Marcela Tinayre debuted as host of ‘Controversy in the bar’

Marcela Tinayre made her debut as host of controversy at the bar (America, 11:15 pm), the classic created 60 years ago for brothers Gerardo and Hugo Sofovich. It is the first time that the legendary table is chaired by a woman. She is accompanied by Chiche Gelblung, Marcelo Polino, Flavio Mendoza, Gabriel Schultz, Eliana Guercio, the ex Big Brother Walter Santiago, said AlphaAND claudio rico making humor.

On the evening of the debut, Marcela Tinayre began by showing, in black and white, the completely renovated scenography of the bar. On one of the walls they placed a portrait of Gerardo Sofovich and those who led him for six decades Dispute… When he installed his portrait on the wall, the broadcast switched back to color.

Marcela Tinayre is the first woman to lead "Disputes at the bar".  Catch TV.

Marcela Tinayre is the first woman to lead “Disputes at the bar”. Catch TV.

Then, one by one, the current cycle members entered. “we weren’t lovers“Marcela said when she received Chiche Gelblung, denying the rumor that it had been installed for a long time. She said that they have known each other for 50 years and that she is very fond of the journalist’s wife.

When the discussion started, the first topic was, “Taser controversy.” Gabriel Schulz has spoken out against the use of these guns, arguing that “the police are not prepared”. The screams and voice-overs soon broke out.

The clamor of opinion continued with the question of insecurity. “Those who make them pay with me”: this is Javier Milei’s phrase that they used as a trigger both for the debate and to kick off Claudio Rico’s entry by imitating the economist who aspires to become president of the Argentine Republic.

Claudio Rico imitated Javier Milei in "Controversy at the bar" (America).  Catch TV.

Claudio Rico imitated Javier Milei in “Controversy at the bar” (America). Catch TV.

Marcelo Polino, the owner of the bar

Marcelo Polino had a prominent place: he entered after the rest of his colleagues and did so by composing a character: that of the owner of the place where the bar works.

“You forgot to pay the rent,” he complained to Marcela Tinayre. She followed acting. “Today is opening day, let’s go get a coffee,” she proposed. “I carry out the guarantee if you don’t pay. And the guarantor is Rosa María Martínez,” Polino winked at Mirtha Legrand.

“I remember that blond hair. The last time I saw her was 17 years ago. I don’t know if I dared to approach…” Polino said referring to Eliana Guercio. With that sentence he was alluding to what happened way back in 2006, in intruderswhen One-eyed slapped her shouting “No one calls me a bitch”.

Marcelo Polino joined the table of "Polemiche al bar", together with Chiche Gelblung and Alfa.  Catch TV.

Marcelo Polino joined the table of “Polemiche al bar”, together with Chiche Gelblung and Alfa. Catch TV.

And since time and contracts heal everything on TV, Polino and Guercio kissed and he, spicy, repeated the phrase that Carmen Barbieri usually says: “We are so hypocritical in this environmentAfter that special presentation, Marcelo sat down at the table where he had equal discussions with the other members.

Marcela Tinayre: “I propose to admire Gallardo’s bulge”

The controversies have followed the most disparate paths: from the flight attendant arrested after the bomb attack against Aerolíneas Argentinas to Alfa’s tendency to say it knows what is famous. Going through Jey Mammón’s decision to bring to justice a group of journalists for their treatment of the object of the complaint filed by Lucas Benvenuto for sexual abuse of minors.

“Scandal of proportions for the statue of Gallardo”, headlined one of the services and Marcela Tinayre observed: “With the quilombos that exist in this country, one speaks of the Gallardo bulge“. “I’m from Boca, but I admire Gallardo. And now, I propose that in addition to admiring Gallardo, we admire his bulge“, Shoot.

At the end of the broadcast, the presenter said: “I’m happy, happy, happy.” “Gustavo, bravo, my dear. I love you,” she said to Gustavo Sofovich, son of Gerardo and producer of the program.

Source: Clarin


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