Marcela Tauro was honest and remembered when an ex cheated on her with her best friend

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Marcello Toro remembered in intruders (America, Monday-Friday 1pm) The hilarious moment she experienced when she found out a man she was dating was also she was in a relationship with her best friend.

It all started when in the leading cycle Florence de la Ve they talked Alexis MacAllisterwho whitewashed his courtship with Ailén Cova and uploaded a photo with her to his nets at Lautaro Martínez and Agustina Gandolfo’s wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

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The Argentina international footballer was embroiled in a media scandal when he ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend cami mayawith whom he was for five years, and began dating Ailén.

After seeing an interview that the chronicler of the cycle did with Mayan, who in these days is leaving behind the bad moment lived with the footballer and dedicates himself to being influencers Fashion, Taurus told his personal story, which is similar to that of the athlete.

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Marcela Tauro confessed in "Intruders".  Catch TV.

Marcela Tauro confessed in “Intruders”. Catch TV.

In dialogue with the América program, Mayan hinted that she felt “betrayed”, so the presenter asked the speakers if they had ever experienced such a situation. “Has this ever happened to you with a friend?”he wanted to meet Flor.

“What? Because everything happened to me”Marcello replied.

“Everything happened to me… I had a friend, my best friend, Analía, who is a doctor,” the reporter began.

Then he developed: “We realized we were both dating a friend. It lasted for a week…he betrayed us both.”

Next, Taurus recounted the details of what they did when they discovered and remembered: “We found out and went home together, each separately.”

“We fell together. Can you imagine what it was… Because what they expected is for me to tell them everything and it didn’t work for me to tell them, I’m dumb, indifferent, worse. He hurt more than a slap,” she said.

“And she, who was the shy one, told him absolutely everything,” she said. “I think he didn’t fuck anyone else after that”Taurus has expressed his opinion on the man in question.

“We were friends of a parish. My friend calls me and says: ‘I have to tell you something’. When he tells me, I tell him I want it too”he added between laughs, recalling what happened years ago.

And he closed: “Lucho has already said it: ‘Promise a lot until they put in, after they put in they forget what they promised'”.

But Marcela Tauro was not the only one to experience such a situation, Guido Zaffora He opened up and said that he experienced something similar to what Camila Mayan experienced.

Guido Záffora also recounted a personal experience.  Catch TV.

Guido Záffora also recounted a personal experience. Catch TV.

“I was Camila,” the speaker said. and added: “I was Camila, yes, but many years ago, it happens that I discovered it later, already separated”.

The journalist recalled the bad time he had with Agustín, his first boyfriend. “I’m blowing him a kiss, he lives in Barcelona, ​​so he won’t see him,” she clarified.

And expanded: “I broke up and when I finished my friend Carolina said to me: ‘Did you know that she goes out with her best friend?’”.

“My best friend was called Atilio. It was Camila, I felt terrible but I was separated. They were best friends. We shared everything, he came to my house”Záffora lashed out.

“You feel betrayed because you share, you create a situation, you invite him to your house, groups of friends come”he opined. And she condemned: “They still ended badly.”

Source: Clarin

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