How much Boca should pay Conmebol after the sentence against the CAS for racist songs in the Libertadores

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One year after the unfortunate events, the CAS ruled against Boca and did not give rise to Xeneize’s appeal, who had asked not to be penalized for racist acts in what were past matches Libertadores Cup against corinthians. With this resolution, the Argentine club will have to pay $100,000 due to the actions of some of its fans.

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What had happened at that moment?

Boca came from a fine and a booking for discriminatory acts in the visit to Corinthians, then Conmebol announced an increase in penalties for the increase in infringements and not a week went by that Xeneize repeated racist gestures in the home game against the Brazilian team. For the latter fact, the Disciplinary Unit has issued a new harsh provision from an economic point of view with a fine of 100 thousand dollars, but has not punished with the total or partial closure of the Bombonera as the regulation could have done.

Although the $100,000 fine is very high and adds to the $30,000 that had already been applied for the discriminatory gestures at the São Paulo match, The great fear in Boca at that time was that Conmebol would sanction it with the closure of the stadium, given that between one match and another against Corinthians article 17 of the disciplinary code was modified and the sanctions were tightened, with the possibility to “impose the sanction of holding one or more matches behind closed doors or the partial closure of the stadium”, on clubs whose supporters “insulte or violate the human dignity of another person or group of people, by any means, for reasons of skin colour, race, sex or sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, creed or origin”.

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The video of a fan making racist gestures to the Brazilian torcedores went viral after the 1-1 draw on May 17, 2022 at the Bombonera. Corinthians himself has released a statement on the matter in which he considers “the manifestations of racism by Boca fans unacceptable” and warned that it would file a formal complaint with Conmebol “to determine liability and penalties”.

Finally, Boca filed an appeal, but the CAS refused its presentation. Therefore, he suffered the same fate as racing (100,000 US currency for racist gestures against Flamengo) e Uruguay national team, who was fined 110,000 dollars, where 100,000 corresponds to a fan showing a banana to Inter Porto Alegre and 10,000 for throwing away the seats.

Source: Clarin

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