Marcela Tinayre responded to Evelyn Scheidl’s harsh statements

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Marcela Tinayre e Evelyn Scheidel they are very close However, yesterday, a few hours before Mirtha Legrand’s daughter made her debut as host of controversy at the bar (America, 11:15 pm), the former model, who at the time resigned from the blondesthe Tinayre cycle, said he left that program because he felt “assaulted” AND I would never work with Marcela againwho today, Tuesday, went out to answer him.

Evelyn Scheidl made her harsh statements about Marcela Tinayre in Show Partners (El Trece, at 10:30), where she was invited together with Teresa Calandra since both were eliminated famous service hatch (El Trece, at 18:30), the reality show hosted by Paula Chaves.

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Marcela Tinayre replied to Evelyn Scheild, Captura TV.

Marcela Tinayre replied to Evelyn Scheild, Captura TV.

In that same program, this morning, Marcela Tinayre had the right to reply. When the chronicler Santiago Rivas Roy told him that Evelyn Scheidl had declared her resignation from the blondesin 2019, it was for feeling “assaulted” and “abused”, the host of Dispute… he answered: “He had problems with a production company, yes that’s true”.

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And in reference to the blondesthe cycle that she conducted first in KZO and then, on Net TV, Marcela added: “But Evelyn left four years ago…”.

Marcela Tinayre: “We need to know the repercussions of what is said”

When it was pointed out that, in addition, Evelyn Scheidl had claimed that “he would never work with her again”, the daughter of Mirtha Legrand and Daniel Tinayre fired a dart: “I don’t think anyone called her to work with me either,” she replied..

With that said, Marcela said: “I love Evelyn, she’s a great friend of mine. My children are her friends. But hey, what do I know… People say a lot of things in front of a camera.. But you have to be objective and know the repercussions of what you say”.

“I love that she was a guest at partner…”, added, ironically, Marcela Tinayre.

Marcela Tinayre: "People say many things in front of a camera...".  Catch TV.

Marcela Tinayre: “People say many things in front of a camera…”. Catch TV.

To the comment Evelyn was invited to Show Partners Together with Teresa Calandra, Marcela Tinayre slipped: “Ah, yes, they are a duo, they make fashion videos and they do all those things together.”

Subsequently, the reporter offered to read to him verbatim what Scheidl had stated the day before on the schedule, but Marcela Tinayre emphatically interrupted him. “Evelyn is a friend of mine, if you want to tell me something call me on the phone”it was planted.

Strict, the brand new host of controversy at the baradded: “Since Evelyn’s been gone (since the blondes), he came to my house to eat, I went to his house to eat, we are together and life has passed on us. So I don’t care.”

Evelyn Scheidl, Marcela Tinayre's friend who never wants to work with her again.  Catch TV.

Evelyn Scheidl, Marcela Tinayre’s friend who never wants to work with her again. Catch TV.

On the occasion of her harsh statements on her work experience with Marcela Tinayre, Evelyn Scheidl had also underlined that personally they continue to maintain a bond of friendship.

«We have been friends for many years and for this reason I preferred to open up», Scheidl said yesterday in the cycle by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, and clarified: «Work is work, but I would never work with her again. I see her, we talk and everything is fine. But it’s difficult at work.”

Source: Clarin

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