Three thousand runners from 30 countries challenged the Córdoba circuit

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For three consecutive days, three thousand runners from more than 30 countries took part in six races with different distances, talks related to sport and nutrition, musical and cultural performances.

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Many of the best trail runners in the world, winners of major world tests and representatives of different national teams participated in the different events.

Distances were Epic 125k and Advance 80k, Challenge 50k, Courage 33k, Power 22k and Explore 11k.

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Women and men competed in six different races at Villa General Belgrano.

Women and men competed in six different races at Villa General Belgrano.

It is worth noting that this event is part of the race calendar organized by the original competition, the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, held in Chamonix, France, and is considered “a trail running world championship”, thanks to its importance. difficulty and large number of experienced participants and amateurs attending.

At the same time, each of the first three in the different distances obtained the direct classification to the final of the UTMB, in France.

As for the courses, the UTMB’s Valhöll Argentina ran through mountain trails that allowed the runners to cross borders, trails, forests, rivers and several peaks, such as the Champaquí hill. They also passed through La Cumbrecita, Villa Alpina, Cerro Corona, Cerro Negro or Totora.

On the third and final day, in the 22k, the winners were the Uruguayan Gonzalo Sosa (1 hour, 48 minutes and 21 seconds) and the San Juan María Belén Sánchez (2 hours, 20 minutes and 21 seconds).

Among the men, Sosa was accompanied by Martín Grgich (1.55.23) and the Frenchman Jérémy Pecqueur (1.57.03).

Among the women, Sánchez was escorted by Mía Pan (2.22.36) and Fernanda Castro (2.27.20).

In turn, in the 11k, the first came Agustín Alaniz (49 minutes and 24 seconds) and Jennifer Grut (1.02.38), accompanied by Gabriel Cabrera (54.10) and Nicolás Sánchez (58.05) and Jasmin Yalil (1.09. 13) and María Coronel (1.12.06), respectively.


Epic 125k: Miguel Heras (Spain) and Verónica Ramírez (Argentina).

80k advance: Cody Lind (USA) and Helen Mino Faukner (USA).

50k Challenge: Diego Simon (Argentina) and Milagros Parera (Argentina).

Courage 33k: Matías Andrada (Argentina) and Pía Rodríguez (Argentina).

22k power: Gonzalo Sosa (Uruguay) and María Belén Sánchez (Argentina).

Explore 11k: Agustín Alaniz (Argentina) and Jennifer Grut (Argentina).

Source: Clarin

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