Gabriel Schultz replied to Lucas Benvenuto: “I am a friend of Jey and I believe him”

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In the second broadcast of controversy at the bar (America, at 11:15 pm) Led by Marcela Tinayre, yesterday, Tuesday, they took a moment to return to the topic that had caused a huge rejection on the night of the debut: Gabriel Schultz’s statements on Luke Welcome and her complaint against Jey Mammón for child sexual abuse.

Marcela Tinayre said: “I want to clarify one thing: yesterday (referring to Monday), In this program we talked about the case of Jey and Lucas, and the nets are blown“.

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In fact, on social media there was massive condemnation of Gabriel Schultz’s statements on the fact that “there was love” between Jey Mammón and Lucas Benvenuto. The reporter had stated on the opening night of the program that Lucas “had a horrible life and a person appeared who gave him love, something he had never had“.

Gabriel Schultz replied to Lucas Benvenuto's posts.  Catch TV.

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Gabriel Schultz replied to Lucas Benvenuto’s posts. Catch TV.

Yesterday evening, Marcela Tinayre showed the posts that Lucas Benvenuto made in clear response to what Gabriel Schultz had said. By the way, the young man wrote: “Love doesn’t corrupt you, love doesn’t abuse, love doesn’t manipulate, love doesn’t isolate you, love doesn’t hurt.“.

With force, Benvenuto added: “Let’s hope it never happens to one of your children, grandchildren or acquaintances, and they say: ‘Calm down, he didn’t corrupt you, he gave you love“.

Gabriel Schultz: “Jey fell in love with someone”

After reading those posts by Benvenuto, the host gave the floor to Schultz, who replied: “I read this and what happens to Lucas still causes me a lot of pain.”

“That ‘I hope it never happens to your child’ is like a wish. Obviously nobody wants that to happen to their children. I wouldn’t want it to happen to them. But he didn’t have the parents my children had.“Schultz has planted.

I am Jey’s friend and I believe Jey“, he insisted. “And I think he loved it, as I said yesterday,” he confirmed his previous statements.

Gabriel Schultz: "I

Gabriel Schultz: “I’m a friend of Jey and I believe in Jey.” Catch TV.

“And I also mentioned that Lucas is someone who has suffered a lot in his life before he met Jey,” she continued. And I think, from what I told Jey, that Jey fell in love with someone who didn’t ask for her resume when he met her. Then she finds out about (Lucas) life and they loved each other. That’s what Jey tells me.”

Annoyed, Schultz remarked, “From there to say that I am an advocate for abusers or that I celebrate the corruption of minors, in any way. I hate that. I am against this. I can’t imagine anyone doing that. It disgusts me.”

Marcelo Polino, to Gabriel Schultz: “Take Jey for granted and discredit the victim”

In response to his presentation, Flavio Mendoza, another member of Dispute… She asked to “tell something very personal” and gave a stark testimony about the abuse she suffered when she was 7 years old.

“ANDor I was abused as a boy and the same thing happened to Lucas Flavio said. The pain that Lucas has I have been able to bear. I was able to come out of all of this and I think Lucas wasn’t.”

But that pain wasn’t caused by Jey“Schultz retorted. At that point, Marcelo Polino jumped:”Take Jey for granted and disparage the victim. You are discrediting her by saying that her story is a lie.”

Difficult cross between Gabriel Schultz and Marcelo Polino.  Catch TV.

Difficult cross between Gabriel Schultz and Marcelo Polino. Catch TV.

“Lucas is a very vulnerable person from an early age and we’re revictimizing him by saying ‘He was in love, the other cared for him.'”

“If it’s understood, you’re right Marcelo -Schultz interrupted him-. But I think Lucas’ story is awful and Jey has taken him to a much better world. This is what I think”.

Source: Clarin

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