A Chinese woman who quit her job for 15 years and became a ‘full-time daughter’… “740,000 won a month”

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My daughter’s work stress… Parents, “Quit your job and become a ‘full-time daughter'”
40% of the pension goes to my daughter’s salary… Chinese netizens argue

The story of a Chinese woman who quit her decent job and became a ‘full-time daughter’ receiving a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan (about 740,000 won) became a hot topic on social media.

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According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) and America’s Next Shark on the 21st (local time), Nian An, a 41-year-old woman living in China, complained to her parents about a recent surge in stress at the telecommunications company she had been attending for 15 years. As her position rose, her endless work stress, including having to stand on emergency duty 24 hours a day, weighed on him.

When they saw their daughter suffering from work stress, their parents felt sorry for them and offered her a new job.

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The parents said to Nian An, “Why don’t you quit your job without stress?” and said, “We will support you financially.”

Then, the parents added, “We will pay 4,000 yuan (about 740,000 won) every month out of the retirement pension amounting to 10,000 yuan (about 1.85 million won),” and added, “Quit your job and become a ‘full-time daughter’.”

Nian An accepted her parents’ offer to become a “full-time daughter” and embraced a new routine, SCMP reported.

‘Full-time daughter’ Nian An’s new routine is dancing with her parents, shopping and cooking dinner. In addition to this, she replaces electronic paperwork for parents who have difficulty handling electronic devices, and also plays the role of a dedicated driver.

Even in an ideal life without worrying about money and work stress, Nian An says she feels the pressure to ‘want to be rich’.

Each time, her parents eased the burden, saying, “If you find a job that suits your aptitude, you can quit being a ‘full-time daughter’ at any time,” and “But if you don’t want to work, spend time at home with us.”

When Nian An’s story was spread through social media, Chinese netizens were in a heated debate. Some netizens believe that it is reasonable to choose a ‘full-time daughter’ considering the recent job market conditions and labor intensity in China.

On the other hand, other netizens argued that it does not ethically make sense to pay money to take care of parents.

Source: Donga

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