Rating: Reasons why Telefe took over in May

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The mix of football and cooking paid off at Telefewhich for the 65th time in a row won the ranking of the month: he won the general measure in May – from Monday to Sunday – with an average of 8 points, followed by El Trece with 5.2. Third place went to America, with 2.4.

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According to Kantar Ibope Media’s spreadsheets, the ranking was completed with Elnueve and its 2.2 points, ahead of Televisión Pública (with 0.6), Net TV (0.3) and Bravo, with 0.1.

In this fifth month of the year, the main channel’s ace of spades was the MasterChef combination (at 23) and Copa Libertadores matches, which has returned to open TV after several years of cable exclusivity. the Brazilian can Swamp has also helped to strengthen the early eveningwho, despite no longer having the success of Big Brother, defends itself with the cooking reality show.

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Pereira's victory over Boca gave Telefe good numbers: 13 points, in an evening without MasterChef.

Pereira’s victory over Boca gave Telefe good numbers: 13 points, in an evening without MasterChef.

The ranking of the most viewed was presided over, in fact, by masterchefwith an average of 11.7 points, only two tenths above the “post” broadcasts of the Copa LibertadoresWhile cup net matches scored 10.9all from Telephe.

in fourth place The workhorse of El Trece appears: the 8 steps of a million, Guido Kaczka’s question-and-answer series, garnered 9.8 for the entire month of May. and in fifth place there was a tie of 9.6 points between Pantanal and Telefe news.

The podium of each channel

That of El Trece was completed with telenoche and his 6.4 points, and 6.1’s entertainment world.

That in America was led by THEY (with 3.7), followed by intruders (2,7) and in the afternoon (2,6). At Elnine he won blessed with 4.1, in front of the news: Central 9 TVs (with 3.4) e TV 9 at noon (With 3).

Martín, the doctor who wanted the 12 million pesos (but couldn't earn it), raised the bar for the program.

Martín, the doctor who wanted the 12 million pesos (but couldn’t earn it), raised the bar for the program.

There was a surprise regarding the issue of Public TV, thanks to sport and its specials: on top of everything there was the Sub 20 world with 5.2 points, followed by CT final (with 1.9) and The CT podiumwith 1.3.

The two channels with the lowest viewership had ratings below the rating point. The net podium consisted of The Lord of the skies (0.7), The patron of evil (0.5) and then a team of 0.4 led by gaucho soul. And in Bravo two international cans prevailed, with 0.2: Avenue Brazil AND distill lovefollowed by several cycles reaching 01, such as good Argentina.

Telefe’s triumph occurred not only in all its slots, but in all general segments, given that from Monday to Friday its rating rose again: 8.6, against El Trece’s 5.4.

However, mostly from Monday to Sunday the difference between the two in the April measurement has been narrowed: It had been 3.6 points and is now down to 2.4. One reason is based on the consolidation of The 8 steps of the million and in what masterchef he is unable to increase his average, far from the usual 20 points he has obtained Big Brother.

As soon as at ignition, which in this fifth month was 18.7 points, rose by 5 tenths compared to Aprilbut it fell by 1.6 compared to May 2022.

We’ll see if the card is modified with the first ones that almost all the channels prepare for the sixth month of this 2023.

Source: Clarin

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