Barbie arrives and Ryan Gosling defends himself from criticism for playing Ken

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Ryan Gosling defended himself against those who think he is “too old” to play the legendary Ken doll in the new film by Barbiewhich will hit theaters in Argentina on Thursday, July 20.

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The origin of the criticism dates back to April, when the first trailer for the film about the Mattel doll was released, and a bitter debate broke out on social networks in which some users thought that the actor, unbeatable 42 years oldhe seemed too “old” to play good old Ken.

If people don’t want to play my Ken, there are plenty of other Kens to play with.Gosling said in an interview for GQpublished this week in response to those he considers “skeptics” who have not yet seen his interpretation.

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Ryan Gosling shows his version of Ken.  Photo @wbpictures

Ryan Gosling shows his version of Ken. Photo @wbpictures

the actor of La La Land He said he finds the criticism “amusing” since “For 60 years, Ken’s job has been the beach” and that “everyone agreed with this, that he had a job that is really nothing …”.

“But all of a sudden,” she said wryly, “it’s like we’ve been worrying about Ken all this time and no, no, they didn’t care. They didn’t care at all! They never cared about the poor“, he assured loaded with sarcasm. In the same interview, he added that” if they ever really cared about Ken, they would know that nobody cared about Ken. AS such hypocrisy was exposed”

Canadian Ryan Gosling el

Canadian Ryan Gosling and Australian Margot Robbie on the ‘Barbie’ red carpet at CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas. photo by AFP

The person who cares deeply about Ken, on the other hand, is Gosling, who laughingly admits that he now feels “the representative and main” and defender of the blond and always tanned character, Barbie’s eternal companion. Gosling also discussed the various factors that prompted him to accept the film role of the iconic Mattel doll in the comedy directed by Greta Gervig.

The plot of the movie

What is it about? After being kicked out of Barbieland, Not being a perfect looking doll, Barbie leaves for the human world to seek true happiness there.

Gosling said one of the main attractions was being able to be part of a film that brought female characters to the fore. The film is the protagonist Margot Robbie as Barbie, alongside Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Hari Nef and America Ferrera, among many others.

Robbie is Barbie, who gets kicked out of Barbieland...

Robbie is Barbie, who gets kicked out of Barbieland…

Speaking of playing Barbie’s main crush, Gosling opened up about how his two daughters, who he shares with his longtime partner, Vigil MendesThey play with Barbie and Ken dolls. “One day I saw him face down in the mud next to a squashed lemon,” Gosling said of her daughter’s Ken doll.

“There’s something about this Ken that I really think relates to that version of myself. The guy who wore Hammer pants, danced in the mall, sniffed Drakkar Noir and did his bangs. I owe a lot to that guy: the reality is that he is the reason i have everything i have“, She said.

And turning to his daughter, he revealed that this image of the tanned, devalued man next to a lemon greatly inspired him: “This boy’s story needs to be told“.

Source: Clarin

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