Taylor Swift: How is “Midnights”, the last album, with all love and spite

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Dreams, fantasies and some nightmarish assaults midnightthe tenth studio album by Taylor Swift that, after two folk albums, marks his return to electronic pop.

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Now that we know the date of his visit to Argentina, November 9 and 10 at the River stadium, it is good to review what his last recording work was like.

The album was released early in the morning of October 21, 2022 all over the world, in the midst of a great mystery, without further advances regarding the release date and some of its sources of inspiration, basically the sleepless nights and hence the title, midnight (midnight, in Spanish).

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The artist also announced the name of the 13 songs, their composers (in all of them she appears as main songwriter) and the existence of a collaboration with Lana del Rey (in the song snow on the beach) which had already been speculated by their followers, since both singers regularly collaborate with the same producer, Jack Antonoff. Also in this disc the production is by Antonoff.

Taylor Swift.  Her new album, "Midnights", has thirteen songs and is a return to pop.  Photo: AFP.

Taylor Swift. Her new album, “Midnights”, has thirteen songs and is a return to pop. Photo: AFP.

The (almost) secret launch

The unique way, almost in secret, that Taylor Swift has called upon to launch her new material is totally different from what has been happening lately in the current market, which, in general, plays on the curiosity and anxiety of the public which follows and shows the themes like a trickle, in a succession of singles until the album is complete.

This way, managed to add more plays of all songs on digital platforms.

still quick everything was saved and there was no progress this would allow them to outline a certain style in their new album. In his previous albums, Folklore (2020) and Always (2020), Taylor had leaned towards an “indie” and intimate sound, while pop predominated in the previous ones, such as 1989 (2014) or lover (2019).

With midnightthe singer is halfway between something “folkie”, such as a sound with synthesizers and digital treatment of the voices, and a marked dreamlike atmosphere with a certain air of unreality, typical of a sleepless night.

Taylor’s insomnia

The spirit that stands out in this new recording is that of the artist, who gets into his car in the middle of the night because he couldn’t sleep and goes down the road towards a beach, evoked in Snow On The Beach (snow on the beachin Spanish).

In this passage, together with Lana del Rey, the guest’s presence is limited to a choral, almost spectral participation in that line of unreality.

This search for atmospheres is constant and recognizable above all in cuts such as the notable Brown OR Vigilante shitthis with some of Swift’s famous revenge or revenge series.

I don’t start shit / but I can tell you how it ends / Don’t be sad, take revenge / On the weekends I don’t dress up for friends / Lately I do it for revenge“, says the letter from Vigilante shit.

Naturally, his followers wonder who could be the recipient of that revenge song. Perhaps Scooter Braun, the man for whom she was forced to re-record much of her discography?

Taylor Swift has released an album in which she returns to electronic pop.  Reuters photo

Taylor Swift has released an album in which she returns to electronic pop. Reuters photo

Even a little lightness

On the contrary, this album it also offers lighter compositions which bring us back to another well-known facet of his, that of the 80s to which he addressed 1989as in the case of opening with Lavender haze or with what will be the official launch single, anti hero.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that among the co-authors of the songs, in addition to Lana del Rey and Jack Antonoff, whose name appears in the majority, the actress Zöe Kravitz (in Karma AND Lavender haze), as well as Swift’s partner of six years, Joe Alwyn (in Sweet Nothing), with which he has already written topics like in the past exile.

On the other hand, this album has the distinction of being one of his most condensed works since, in total, the 13 songs last 45 minutesunlike what was one of his hits, All too wellwhich went on for more than 10 minutes.

A bestseller

Taylor Swift immediately broke records with her album midnight. the singer of success Lavender haze achieved his 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 after securing the #1 best-week spot for any album since Adele’s breakthrough 25 in 2015. It also became the best-selling album of 2022.

Then, just a few days ago, a deluxe version came out, entitled now Midnight: until dawnwhich features Ice Spice as its guest in a new version of Karmaand recently (re)recorded lead vocals by Lana Del Rey on her near-permanent collaboration with the theme snow on the beach.

The digital and physical editions will have an exclusive track for each format. For digital release, it will come Different shotsa song previously only available on the vinyl version of midnight.

Most interestingly for fans, it has been reported that the physical edition – CD and vinyl – will contain one track by timenever heard before in the sessions of midnight.

The new song on the de luxe album is called You are losing methe title of which obviously made fans crazy long before they even heard it for the first time.

Source: Clarin

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